Viewpoints: JART6th

Process and Transformation at JART6thJART, the annual Japanese showcase, exhibits at the WAH Center (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center) from February 26th-March 6th. Featuring Japanese artists from New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Stockholm, this unique and transformative gallery experience was curated by Hiro Shiraishi of Pepper’s Project, a Tokyo based art group. Displaying works of various media, […]


JArt6th at the WAH Center Exhibition
9th Annual Emerging Japanese Artists’ Exhibition February 26 – March 6 Opening Reception: Friday February 26, 6:00–8:00pm

WAH Center hosted a tour of our building to AIA members.

This was an important historical tour we hosted for the members of the AIA (The American Institute of Architects) New York Chapter to show them in and around our building late October. Our architect, Robert Bates, was a tour guide. VIDEOS by Bienvenido Bones Banez Jr.: Outside #1 Outside #2 Going Inside Inside          […]

Queer WAH: Celebrating and Negotiating Progress and Struggle

Walking into the recent exhibition at the WAH Center, one is immediately engaged by an impressive display on the main gallery’s central wall. A glamorous starlet posed in three quarters profile glints and gleams, beckoning you in to see the depth and breadth of work on offer in the Queer WAH: Contemporary LGBTQ Artists exhibition. […]

“Queer WAH” in Next Magazine and Broadway + Bedford

We are pleased to share two recent reviews of our latest show, Queer WAH: Contemporary LGBTQ Artists , from Next Magazine by Cody Gohl and Bedford + Bowery by Cassidy Dawn GravesQueer WAH will be on view through Sunday, November 1st, from 12-6pm. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these exciting works!Next Magazine is “New York’s Gay Guide”—a weekly […]

Open Call for Dog Lovers!

Eric Ginsburg
Deadline: FRIDAY OCTOBER 16, 2015 SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 – SUN. DECEMBER 6, 2015 Opening Reception: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7, 4-6PM