WAH Center hosted a tour of our building to AIA members.

This was an important historical tour we hosted for the members of the AIA (The American Institute of Architects) New York Chapter to show them in and around our building late October. Our architect, Robert Bates, was a tour guide.

VIDEOS by Bienvenido Bones Banez Jr.:
1) AIA Tour Looking up Sm.

   18) IMG_7778.Sm, jpg  2) IMG_7771, Sm, 15) Attic, IMG_7774_ Sm. Attic, 16) Attic, Sm jpg  Sm, 12) AIA Tour yuko speaks sm.! copy 2 14) AIA Tour Yuko Signing, sm. copy 13) AIA Tour Side shot Sm. copy 11)AIA Tour,  Yuko from back, Sm copy 7) 10447638_988973827827548_4077662669929026117_n.jSm,pg  9) 17230_988964881161776_8544019483088785378_n. Sm, jpg 23) IMG_7784..sm. 22) IMG_7783.sm, 3) IMG_7772, sm 11) 12038241_988965347828396_424562787794165815_n. SM, copy 2 4) 1610782_988973607827570_209735264175813670_n, sm, copy 8( AIA Tour, 10.24.15, Sm, IMG_7768 6)  AIA Tour, 10.24.15, IMG_7767.Sm, jpg 10) 12122753_989062344485363_8537384539595234218_n, sm,  copy


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