Spring, Celebration For The Earth 2022

Spring, Celebration for the Earth

      Co-curated by Yuko Nii & Germania Reyes 

Show Dates: Apr. 6 – May. 4, 2022

Opening Reception: Sat. Apr. 6, 3-5pm

Submission Deadline: Monday, Mar. 25

  You will receive the acceptance notice as we review your submission

 Delivery Dates: Sat. Mar. 30 & Sun. Mar. 31, 1-5pm

info: celebrateearthatwah@gmail.com

If you are interested to know what we have done since the Lockdown started on March 21, 2020 until till March 10 this year, 2024, please see below.

“We have experienced a long Lockdown period since March, 2020. It was the darkest period in our recent human history, first with the deadly coronavirus pandemic followed by another horrifying social pandemic both of which have spread all over the USA and worldwide like a tsunami, and nothing seemed to help lift our spirits in hope for humanity.” –Yuko Nii

During the lockdown period while most New York art institutions closed their doors or some galleries initiated an alternative way to show art by zoom, the WAH Center continued to open its doors to let the public see how our artists were responding to this historically significant period through their visua language.

We presented the 1st consecutive exhibitions from November 2020 to February 2022.

Works Created During the Lockdown Period”,

Togetherness & Oneness

America, the Beautiful

The Yuko Nii Foundation Permanent Collection from the Covid-19 Period” shows.

The viewers responded to each show extremely well!

Despite scientists telling us that climate change causing global warming which endangers our environment and to our own life, we’ve ignored their warnings for many years. And we learned that the main cause of the recent climate change is human’s misbehavior by mistreating Mother Nature. Overexploitation of natural resources or misusing toxic substances, we have done much damage to our environment.

How can we restore the already damaged earth to bring it back to the original beautiful Mother Earth no human could ever create?

We presented the 2nd consecutive thematic exhibitions from September 2022 to March, this year, 2024. We focused our attention to the products of Mother Nature.
Because visual artists create their works by using natural products of Mother Nature, we wanted to find out how artists utilized these products and how seriously they were concerned over today’s environmental issue. We saw many wonderful works created out of trash. As saying goes, “One man’a Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure!”

Clay and Textile

Wood and Paper

“Metal and Plastic”

 Granted that artists having the bottomless artistic creativity, our great anticipation in something totally unique and astounding was fulfilled far beyond the horizon!
We will continue to pursue more thematic shows of Mother Nature’s products from the fresh fall season in September, 2024

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