Togetherness & Oneness

Juried Show with Awards
Juror: Paulina Pobocha, Curator at the MoMA

Sat., May 22 – Sat., June 26, 2021

Opening Reception: Sat. May 22, 4–6pm

Deadline: Saturday, April 25, 2021

Out of the darkest period of our life, first with the deadly coronavirus pandemic followed by another horrifying social pandemic both of which have spread all over the USA and beyond as fast as a tidal wave, and nothing seemed to lift our spirits in hope for humanity. Yuko Nii

We have experienced one of the worst “life threatening” periods in our recent human history requiring a lockdown. Now we need to recover from our badly damaged lives. When society is fragmented and we are separated from one another we need to think seriously about the causes and work hard to bring ourselves back to a “Unified Oneness.” We have to learn how to make positive changes in life. I believe this will happen only when all of the world’s citizens work and move forward together for a better and more peaceful tomorrow.

In working together for a common goal with common values, we also must accommodate our differences, id est, different cultures and different ideas.

The question is “How do we improve a fragmented society?” 

To achieve the ideal world of “Togetherness” and “Oneness” might be impossible, but trying to achieve the “Ideal” is possible. Think of the words “Togetherness” and “Oneness.” We have numerous words we use to express the concept such as “getting together,” “gathering together,” “working together,” “uniting together,” “melting together,” “welding together,” “binding together,” “bonding together,” “coming together,” “forging ahead together,” etc. Those words express ways to strengthen one’s own “independent” position or situation by engaging others to gain support for the things we wish to realize, to realize the possible from the seeming, “impossible. “We must listen to the inner voices of others as we see them expressed in art, and welcome and consider these different ideas and expressions. Just as art works are expressed in many different forms, colors, and mediums, so individuals express their ideas about life in many different ways. Yet this rainbow of art and ideas should work together to create a symphony that uplifts and inspires.  Different people with different ideas and different cultural backgrounds should be able to work together to create a “great harmonious diverse society.”

My idea for the show is a quiet appeal to reach a rich and colorful presentation through visual language. The “Togetherness” and “Oneness” show is a collaboration with and curated by 4 international individuals selecting works from artists working in different mediums. Their art reflects the products of nature, including Glass art, Quilting, Textile & Fiber Art, Ceramics, and Mother Nature expressed in 2-D, & 3-D and also Video Art, sharing the spirit of “Togetherness & Oneness.” It celebrates a “Melting Pot” of artistic expression in the following categories all under one umbrella to achieve this great harmony. Out of the 6 different medium categories, we are offering TWO Open Call opportunities in PART A and PART B includes the rest of the medium categories and the participants are selected by the curators. The $43 submission fee by PayPal payment applies to all of the participants.


1) Melting Together, Open Call: Glasswork by Renee Radenberg, American, INDEPENDENT CURATOR

To Apply Open Call, “Glasswork”, click this link:

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2) Bonding Together with Mother Nature, Open Call: 2-D, 3-D & Video by Yuko Nii, Japanese, WAH CENTER: Climate change caused by human activities has been damaging the Mother Nature. We are part of Nature. We cannot ignore the importance of “Mother Earth.” Our life ends when Mother Nature is totally destroyed.

To Apply Open Call, “Mother Nature”, click this link:

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3) Gathering Together: Textile & Stitching Performance by Yana Schnitzler, German, YANA SCHNITZLER HUMAN KINETICS

4) Quilting Together: Quilting by Kirsten Fisher, Danish, BROOKLYN QUILT GROUP

5) Weaving Together: Textile & Fiber Art by Yuko Nii, Japanese, WAH CENTER  collaborated with Nancy Koenigsberg, American, TSGNY ORG.

6) Wedging Together: Ceramics by Yuko Nii, Japanese, WAH CENTER collaborated with Nicholas Newcomb, American, NICHOLAS NEWCOMB POTTERY & SCULPTURE 

I hope to achieve the WAH Center’s Mission, “…through the International language of art, we come to understand and respect each other and love each other and live by the meaning of WAH Center’s acronym, that is, WAH means in Japanese to live in “Peace, “Harmony,” and “Unity.”

“When someone knocks, open the door and greet yourself!” – A Buddhist Saying.

Yuko Nii, WAH Center’s Founder & Artistic Director & Yuko Nii Foundation’s Founder

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