an installation by Richard Humann

"The Lightbox" is an installation piece by Richard Humann that incorporates the slides of hundreds of artists who live and work in the Williamsburg/ Greenpoint and other North Brooklyn areas. The exhibit will take place at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center located at 135 Broadway, in Brooklyn. The opening reception is Saturday, October 18th, 1997 from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm and will run for five weeks ending on November11th. The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center is an art museum and performance space that is dedicated to showing emerging local as well as national and internationally established artists.

The installation piece spans over one hundred and fifty feet of floor space. The participating artists slides are mounted side by side, in single file, face up on top of a lighted lightbox glass. All of the artists in the exhibit are acknowledged by having printed their names, titles, and dimensions of their work on the slide that displays their artwork. Artists are displayed in the order that their slides arrived to Humann's art studio.

"The Lightbox" is a piece that is meant to capture as a viewable time capsule the influx of artists and art to the Williamsburg and North Brooklyn areas. It records as well as participates in and adds to the current art movement in Williamsburg. By displaying the slides of artists, Humann, who himself is an artist with over 30 shows to his credit, has been able to corral the many styles and mediums of the movement and transform it all into one singular voice. Richard Humann's "Lightbox" installation will directly follow the Charles Gatewood retrospective exhibit at the WAH Center. "The Lightbox" will open on Saturday, October 18th and close on Monday, November 24nd. Call The Willaimsburg Art & Historical Center at (718) 486-7372 or the studio of Richard Humann at (718) 387-7055 for further information.

Call for artists to participate
in the Lightbox project.


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