Call for artists to participate in the Lightbox project.

Richard Humann is putting together an art installation project called "The Lightbox". The piece consists of a lightbox approximately 150 feet in length, that will contain the slides of nearly 1000 artists. It is meant to capture as a viewable time capsule the influx of artists and art to the Williamsburg and North Brooklyn areas.

All artists are asked to send one to three slides of their work. Please indicate on the slide; your name, the title of the work, medium, dimensions and direction (which end is up). Send to: Richard Humann, 176 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 or call (718) 387-7055.

All participating artists will have their names included in the project. The slides will become a permanent part of the piece--you will not get your slides back. The installation will be on display at The Willaimsburg Art & Historical Center in the early Fall of 1997. The Opening reception is October 18th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Please send your slides now. This is a large scale art project that will receive a great deal of attention--you should participate.

About "The Lightbox"

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