Symphonic Reading & Artists Talk

Symphonic Reading & Artists Talk

Friday June 28 & Sunday June 30

Join us for a unique literary experience, blending spoken word and music in the intimate setting of one of New York’s treasured landmarks!

Friday: Rising Canon: A Symphonized Reading
Organized by K Hank Jost and Jericho Freer, in conjunction with the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

Rising Canon is a reading of poetry and prose by some of NYC’s finest up-and-coming writers, accompanied by a cohort of musicians under the leadership of expert cellist/composer/improviser Daniel Hass with assistance by writer and composer Jericho Freer on piano.

Music descends from the sublime, takes sonic form, and enters our lives, integrating with the mundane, setting our minds and bodies into motion. Literature ascends from the mundane, rendering concrete experience in abstracted language, sublimating lived-life into poetic expression, rhythm, and narrative. Both music and spoken word are ephemeral, immaterial after their utterance—Rising Canon aims to create a solidifying reaction between the join ictus of sound and tongue—the story told, the music played, and though it all floats away, together they are made indelible, eternal, and real.

Don’t miss out on a captivating evening, blending sound with syntax from the intimate and historic confines of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. Join us following the show for refreshments in the art gallery featuring an exhibit of international artists!

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