Spring, Celebration For The Earth 2024

Spring, Celebration for the Earth

Co-curated by Yuko Nii & Germania Reyes 

Show Dates: Apr. 6 – May. 4, 2024

Opening Reception: Sat. Apr. 6, 3-5pm

info: celebrateearthatwah@gmail.com

Artists in Show:

Ellen Alt, Silvia Aviles, Ayako Bando, Bienvenido Bones Banez, Beryl Brenner, Linda Butti, Charles Compo, Laura Coniffe, Val Dyslov, Ayako Furukawa, Midori Furutate, Glen Goodenough, Jonathan Grover/ Hui-ying Tsai, Richard Hatter,  Sophia Hallman, Miho Hiranouchi, Kumi Hirosi, Judith Eloise Hooper, Susan Jacobs, Elizabeth Jacobsen, Emma Anne Johnson, Yuko K., Cecelia Martinez, Daniel McDonald, Mieko Mitachi, Mauricio Morillas, Denise Nassar, Jennifer Primosch, Ian Rogers, Nobuko Saji, James Saunders, Larry Scaturro, David Schulman, Jessica Schulman, Sarah Smith, Larry Szycher, Villo Varga, Jon Neal Wallace, Ellie Winberg, Atsuko Yuma

Dear Friends,

We’ve started feeling the slow change of the atmosphere.

Yes, the anticipated warmer and brighter spring is knocking at our door! So, we are now ready to have a light hearted theme for change!We are going to shift the show theme to “Spring, Celebration for the Earth” show.

Spring is the Rebirth of Nature as we’ve known for centuries. However, climate change has caused drastic changes to our environment. Dry air led to destroying many dense forests by fires, droughts causing arid landscapes, contamination of agricultural lands with chemicals, littering and dumping toxic substances into the vast ocean killing fish and living beings, overusing fossil fuel causing worsened air quality for us to breath. While we are seeing the worsening of our environment, it is very comforting to know that the spring time still comes around to remind us of what we have valued for centuries. Our hearts and minds will be up-lifted and we can enjoy how mother nature entertains us.

It is the time to celebrate for the Earth! Lush gardens with colorful flowers and plants, landscape painters taking us to the unimaginative beautiful sights, dense forests, ponds, rivers, oceans and waterfalls, mysterious animals awaken, birds singing over the spring sky, active butterflies and bees flyingin the yards, fish swimming in a clean water, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits for our good health,dogs and cats and all of us happily living together making our lives meaningful…Let us celebrate the Rebirth of Nature!!

Looking forward to be thrilled, delighted and entertained by the creative artists works in both the 2-D and 3-D and in all media.

With Warm Regards,

Yuko & Germania
Co-curators, Yuko Nii & Germania Reyes

The WAH Center (The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center)
135 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
https://wahcenter.wixsite.com/wah-center              celebrateearthatwah@gmail.com
(917) 648-4290 or (718) 810-7726

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