Talent Show

WAH’s Got Talent!

Writers, Poets and Musicians Salon

First Gathering

September 23, 2023

2-6 PM

Refreshments served

What is it?

The Concept

The Writers poets and musicians salon is a gathering to do readings or performances of new material that allows these highly talented individuals to get feedback from their fellows and (and also a general audience) that wants to see what 

is happening in this forum.  Ten individuals are selected for each monthly salon and are given 15 minutes to present from 2- 6 PM. There will be a break half way through so people can stretch and have a drink and talk with each other. At the end they can also get together to assess the program. Since  there is not enough time in one salon session for the many talented people who will wish to apply we will have this salon monthly throughout the year. We hope that all writers, poets and performers will attend each others presentations for support so they will support you and exchange ideas! You can also sell your published material at the event. 


This year we will also have and auction of works (and some fixed price works) of art on Sunday  September 24th, 2003 on the 2nd floor. Many works are $200 or under, all being of high quality that allows new and old collectors to acquire some bargains. 

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