Carmen Frank’s Memorial Show

Show Dates: Sat. April 9 – Sun. May 1, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 9, 3:00pm-5:00pm

In the Small Gallery, cotemporal with the 23rd WAH Salon

Gallery Hours: Sat. & Sun. 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Carmen Frank - self portrait

A Memorial for Carmen Frank
April 9, 2022

This exhibition commemorates and celebrates the artistic life of Carmen Frank. The Frank family, together with Yuko Nii of the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, invite you to honor and celebrate Carmen’s life and artistic legacy. We will be gathering to remember Carmen and the energy of how she approached her life through the art that she created.

Carmen lived her life as an artist through and through, dancing, singing, playing the piano, acting and creating various forms of visual art through a variety of media. An incredible energetic spirit, she lived an inspired 80 years.

“My strong connection with nature comes from my childhood. This gives me strength and love for movement and space. All my emotions and energy are expressed through form, color and texture in my work.”

Carmen’s connection to nature is present in her work from her floral engravings, her watercolors capturing her love for the ocean and mountains, to the themes she chose to play with in her sculptures. What she cared to emphasize as well was our interaction with nature, as depicted in her Under The Sun series and the playful spirit shown in the bronze, The Dancers. Highlighting from the joy that nature gifts us to the devastating damage we cause to our environment.

A renaissance woman and a true feminine force, Carmen continued to master multiple art forms and techniques. Forever exploring her next challenge, Carmen learned to weld in her last ten years in order to create striking mix-media sculptures—including her epic six foot tall Orchid, forged and welded from steel. At the age of 68, having never worked in stone, Carmen made her first carved marble piece creating her stunning bas-relief Lotus, which was the 2008 Recipient of The Leonard J. Meiselman Award for Realistic Sculpture from Audubon Artists and, her stunning alabaster Mermaid, evoking the rolling sea. In 2018 she took on the challenge of large-scale watercolor painting, creating works such as A Giant in Costa Rica and what turned out to be her last finished painting and self-portrait, A Homage to Women.

Carmen Frank was born in Cordoba, Argentina where she studied music and theater and received a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Literature from the Cordoba National University. After graduating, her designs in clothing, ceramic and leather were exhibited and sold in many shows. Carmen relocated to New York in 1988 with her husband and two children where she continued to work and develop her unique creativity in a number of media. 

Carmen’s spirit lives on, including through her artistic legacy.

Photos and Video

1) The 23rd Annual WAH Salon & Carmen Frank Memorial show Opening Scenes, Photos by Tasneem Shahzad, 4.9, 2022:
2) The 23rd Annual WAH Salon & Carmen Frank Memorial Show Opening Scenes, Photos by Yuko Nii, 4, 9, 2022
3)The 23rd Annual WAH Salon & Carmen Frank Memorial show opening scenes, video taken by Heymi Kim:
4)  The 23rd Annual WAH Salon & the Carmen Frank Memorial show, Installation Scenes, photos by Yuko Nii

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