The Japanese Historical Collections


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In April and May 2020, the Yuko Nii Foundation will display many items from its rich Japanese Historical Collection covering the centuries from the 16th through the early 20th centuries. Nearly 200 objects will be on display, including a complete set of Edo period armor, sword fittings, saddle and rifle, prints, furniture, lacquer, vases, bronzes, books and more.

In this catalog that we are only beginning to develop we see a few of the items. One of the most important pieces that one cannot see outside of Japan is the Uncho temple lintel that would be considered a national treasure if it were in Japan.

The vast body of the collection exists as hand painted scrolls and illustrated books.

In this brief presentation on ISSUU many of the descriptions have not been included as of yet. This on-line catalog will be updated frequently as we develop the show:


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