Material Witness

An exhibition that is clarified by the materials the artists use

curated by William Norton


Saturday, September 14 – Sunday, October 13, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14th, 4 – 8pm

Opening Reception Performance by Dirty Churches, 6 – 7pm

From Left to Right: Daniel John Gadd, Vieno James, William Norton, Ai Ohkawara, Etty Yaniv, Yuki Okamoto, Sonomi Kobayashi, Brandon Graving, Sam Green, Xiaowei Chen, Marcela Silva, Yukari Edamitsu

About the Show:

The WAH Center (The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center) is pleased to present an exhibition Material Witness curated by William Norton who has assembled artists for whom the media is a large part of the message. The materials chosen for use by the artists are specific to their message and a change of material would invalidate that message.

As defined by Webster’s Dictionary:


1 : the matter from which a thing is or can be made

2 : the material rather than the spiritual world


1 : to bear witness : TESTIFY

2 : to bear witness to one’s convictions

ma·te·ri·al wit·ness

a witness whose evidence is likely to be sufficiently important to influence the outcome of a trial.


As such these artists all bear witness with total conviction to the truth found in an honest usage and understanding of the information bound to their particular materials of choice.


Participating Visual Artists:

Xiaowei Chen/ Yukari Edamitsu/ Daniel John Gadd/ Brandon Graving/ Sam Green/ Vieno James/ Sonomi Kobayashi/ William Norton/ Yuki Okamoto/ Ai Ohkawara/ Marcela Silva/ Etty Yaniv


Plus, in the Small Gallery: 

Solo Show by Natsuki Takauji



Opening Night Performance​, 6 – 7pm

Dirty Churches


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