Stay Tuned: WAH Bridges Cuba?

Dear Friends,
I would like to share with you a very happy news. 
My assistant Richard Sanchez applied for a trip to Cuba a few months ago through a non-profit program that sends Cuban descendants on sponsored trips to connect with Cuban culture and residents. He received a great news that he was selected among many prospective applicants! We wholeheartedly congratulate on him being chosen to participate on this trip! 
Our thinking often matches, and this time was no exception. When I asked him to find some Cuban talents in Cuba for his possible future show “WAH Bridges to Cuba,” he said that he was already thinking about a future show and hoped to be able to connect with Cuban artists while in Cuba. We hope to be able to produce a show, “WAH Bridges Cuba,” connecting Cuban artists who live in Cuba and Cuban artists who live in USA, through their works being shown at the WAH Center.
I am so excited about his trip!
Much Love,

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