Origins: A Mother-Son Connection

I did not know what to expect from the Origins exhibition, but when I stopped in the front door of the WAH Center Gallery my eyes were drown to go inside faster than my body. As I walked to the open space at the center of the gallery my eyes and my body finally coordinated together to turn around in a circle and just look at the whole exhibit all together as a beautiful mixture of color and texture. As I looked around, I felt a strong connection between the paintings and the pottery, so I keep asking myself “who influenced who?” Later I discovered that the creators of my eyes joy were a mother and a son named Annette Turow and Gabe Turow. I learned they worked separated for about a year, Annette on her paintings and Gabe on his pottery to which the final result was this unintentional magical collaboration. The work of the mother and son goes beyond their undisputed talent, is a work of love, connection that shows the importance of togetherness and relationships in this world.


Ceramic by Gabe Turow


After experiencing the exhibition as a whole, I let my eyes enjoy while they jumped around from paintings to pottery, and from pottery to paintings again and again to compare the association of the colors and shapes. I let my eyes travel across the room and stopped in front of an elegant white porcelain pottery, and one more time my eyes were anxious to travel around the sphere shape of this piece just to discover the beauty on every single crack on this work of art.


Painting by Annette Turow


Across the room, the colors and the shape of these painting grabbed my attention, and I found myself swimming with excitement inside the painting. The colors were vibrant and enthusiastic; I felt like I wanted to live inside this painting forever and lose myself within every drop of paint the piece exposed.

One my favorite pieces of the exhibition I consider a “beautiful mistake.” I do not know if it was intended of just a beautiful mistake as I call it, but the imperfection of this piece plus the color mix of the stoneware and the porcelain, it is just magnificent. I enjoy going around this piece and discover the different shapes and shades of brown. When looked at from above the collapse of the stoneware is spectacular to watch, the shadow that it creates the drop pieces of this pottery is what made it so interesting to observe.



Ceramic by Gabe Turow


Germania Reyes, Contributing Writer to the WAH Center Blog

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