Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra, plus Premiere of Benjamin Miller/Orin Buck Video

3pm, Saturday May 9, 2015

Free admission, donations requested
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The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra premieres new work​ including their single-timbered arrangements of Eric Satie, Hermeto Pascoal and Terry Riley’s minimalist classic IN C.

Premiere of MARIANA TRENCH, a collaboration between composer/improviser Benjamin Miller and videographer Orin Buck.

Benjamin Miller has created an impressionistic journey into depths of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the surface of the Earth. The music and the video for Mariana Trench were recorded and shot entirely in New York City; Orin Buck’s video is a symbolic journey to the deepest part of New York.

Mariana Trench - Orin Buck video still

Two versions of the video will be shown. The first turns the everyday visual elements of life in the City into a watery multilayered immersion, embellishing the dark sonic vision of Benjamin Miller. The music was made by Miller in two passes, utilizing his multiphonic guitar and various effects. In the second version of the video, both of the concurrent performances are layered on top of the simulated aquatic journey.

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