Terrance Lindall’s Paradise Lost Artwork Featured in Digital Humanities Project

Paradise Lost artwork by Terrance Lindall, WAH Center President and WAH Salon member, is now featured in conjunction with UC Berkeley’s digital humanities project, “Milton Revealed,” Having recently received a $2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the project will allow for the integration of digital technologies and tools into the teaching and scholarship of the humanities. 
Directed by UC Berkeley emeritus professor of English Hugh Macrae Richmond, “Milton Revealed” will provide an opportunity for Lindall’s highly regarded works to be studied by Milton scholars around the globe. In an article outlining the project, Richmond said, “A striking example of the way Milton can be successfully reintroduced to modern culture at all levels is provided by the work of Terrance Lindall.”
For more news on the grant, see UC Berkeley’s News Center’s post about it here.
For a description of the project with an extensive commentary on Lindall’s contribution, visit here. 
Lindall’s work is also featured as the cover art for the Cambridge Paradise Lost Companion in 2014

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