16th WAH Salon Art Club Show opening, 24 Jan. 2015

Saturday, January 24 – Saturday, February 22, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 24, 2015 4-6pm
Coordinated by Mary Westring, Curated by Yuko Nii, Assisted by Alaina Nuehring
Interviews by Yuko Nii
Video by Orin Buck
Special program by Salon member and photographer Joel Simpson: Sunday, February 15 2015, from 3 to 5:30pm.

The number of the participating artists is 75, and 135 artworks are shown this year.

With Orin Buck’s recommendation, I did a brief interview with each artist this time who explained to us about his or her artwork. It was a very meaningful learning experience for me to know more about the artists and their works. Viewing their works is one thing, but hearing their stories behind their work was fascinating and very special. I enjoyed traveling with the fascinating creative minds of our Salon artists! Thank you for sharing your innermost creative minds!

We’ll have another interview session sometime later with those who were not included.

We were expecting more attendance at the reception, but due to bad weather, and the slippery streets, several artists left messages that they could not make it to the opening because they lived on the outskirts of New York City.

Here is the list of the artists according to their appearances in the current video.

1) Mary Westring
2) Julie Joy Saypoff
3) Ilana Dodelson
4) Larry Scaturro
5) Suprina
6) Tomek Bogacki
7) Renee Radenberg
8) Joel Simpson
9) Susan Jacobs
10) Carmen Frank
11) Carmen Porfido
12) Laurie Russell
13) Tom Hooper
14) Kenichi Nakajima
15) Bienvenido Banez
16) Grigory Gurevich
17) Margo Mead
18) Beryl Brenner
19) Drew Maillard
20) Ellen Mandelbaum
21) Caroline Absher
22) Glen Goodenough
23) Ayako Bando
24) Carole Barlowe
25) Eric Lau
26) Carol Scavotto
27) Gloria Schuster
28) Jennifer Primosch
29) Naoki Funayama
30) Susan Handwerker
31) Margery Applebaum
32) Tasneem Shahzad
33) Alaina Nuehring (Assistant)
34) Richard Sanchez (Assistant)

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