Bienvenido Bones Bañez and the 666 Art World

To understand Bienvenido Bones Bañez’s art and music is to understand his philosophical view of the world which he calls the 666 Art World. First and foremost, Bañez does not promote satanic worship or domination, instead 666 Art World reflects the demons that are already present in the world which we blindly accept as reality. Those new to Bañez’s work should keep an open mind when striving to understand the biblical language he uses to explain the origins of the 666 Art World. Bañez calls upon the Bible and its reading of our origin as the basis of his philosophy, which seeks to enlighten the world in recognizing its current chaotic state that is vividly portrayed through his art and musical compositions.

Bañez refers to the story of Adam and Eve from the Book of Genesis as a way to explain why we humans are left with the burden of everyday evils. He refers to the story of Adam, Eve, and the serpent in order to identify and explain the origin of humanity’s fall from grace. When Eve succumbed to the serpent’s temptation to become divine herself and ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge, she secured the destiny and future of the human race by disobeying the Will of God. Bañez believes that in understanding the potential power of Satan as demonstrated in the story of Adam and Eve, we can reflect on our contemporary experience within the 666 Art World.

Bañez says “The master deceiver often takes pride in boasting about his super power!” And in this world, these “master deceivers” are types of superhumans, such as political and military leaders or celebrities, used as instruments of Satan’s temptation– the same temptation Satan used against Eve in the form of a serpent. Bañez understands superhumans as the reason the rest of the world accepts and views evil as reality: people want what superhumans have, and will follow their lead on Satan’s path. Through art and music, Bañez aims to illuminate Satan’s influence on superhumans, and ultimately the world.

In an interview Bañez said was treated as an outsider in his youth, and did not receive the same artistic training as those around him. “I was left to watch the world around me and draw what I saw.” Nevertheless, Bañez pursued what he understood to be true, utilizing his unique insight as an observer. Bañez found his voice through his innate artistic and musical talents, and is now able to share his truth with others in the 666 Art World. His surrealist paintings evoke a balance between savage and refined through the roar of colors seen in paintings such as Paradise Lost in the World (Figure 1)and Our World 666 Exxtinction! (Figure 2)Bañez describes the 666 Art World is a building block, and that hopefully future artists and philosophers will be able to take what he is learning and teaching about the 666 Art World and continue on to it. “It about going with the flow,” which is similar to this details to his surrealist paintings.The same goes with Bañez’s musical compositions. One hears a type of dissonance with “Satanic Rhapsody” – the repetitive chords transition to a more ethereal atmospheric melody, complimented with grace notes.

Through his art, Bañez aims to expose Satan, and to provide the opportunity for enlightenment: his work is about daring to take the next step towards a new potential for harmony against the world Satan tempted humans to create. He is not claiming that the 666 Art World is the way to salvation, but it is a building block in challenging superhumans and Satan. People must recognize Satan’s presence in the world, and join together in the fight against evil.


Figure 1. Bienvenido Bones Bañez, Paradise Lost in the World, September 06, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas
Figure 2. Bienvenido Bones Bañez, Our World 666 Exxtinction!, October 1983-March 1984, Acrylic on canvas, 6’ by 8’

The Williamsburg Art & History Center will be hosting a Dinner with the Devil which will showcase Bienvenido Bañez’s work on September 19, 2014.

Hubert Silva, Contributing Writer to the WAH Center Blog.

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