Announcing Maker Maps!


Our friends at Made in Brooklyn Tours have recently announced the launch of Maker Maps – neighborhood guides to the businesses and organizations “makin’ it” in Brooklyn!

Dom Gervasi, owner and producer of the award-winning Made in Brooklyn Tours, promotes Brooklyn’s growing “maker movement” with tours of the five neighborhoods covered in the guides. With the financial support of So.Brooklyn Industrial Zone (So.BIZ) – an advocate for the preservation of key industrial zones primarily on Brooklyn’s working waterfront, Made In NYC, the East River Ferry, and The O’Connell Organization, Maker Maps have become a reality.

Brooklyn’s “maker movement” represents a creative bunch that makes everything from crazy combo bagels to wine embracing New York’s rich viticultural heritage. In this spirit, the guides are designed to resemble vinyl record covers with cover art provided by our very own Yuko Nii, Founder & Artistic Director of The WAH (Williamsburg Art & Historical) Center. The WAH’s Bridge Concept bridges local, national, international, emerging and established all disciplines. “Making ‘Maker Maps‘ available to spread the word about Brooklyn ‘makers’ creates a bridge to Brooklyn residents and visitors from elsewhere,” says Yuko. Each featured maker has a QR code linking to their respective websites and Maker Maps itself is online thanks to the support of the international airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

In support of manufacturing in New York City, Maker Maps are 100% designed and printed in Brooklyn and badged with So.Biz, Made In NYC, and East River Ferry logos. While Brooklyn’s waterfront rapidly transforms, industry is current and active at places like the Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX) where concrete is mixed for construction of noteworthy buildings like One World Trade Center.

Dom will be dropping off thousands of printed guides to all those featured inside and at public venues throughout New York City by the East River Ferry, bicycle, and public transportation in addition to distributing them to guests on his tours. Maker Maps are also available online.


Information courtesy of Dom Gervasi, Owner & Producer, Made in Brooklyn Tours.

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