“Atmospheric Pressure” Artist Julia Sinelnikova Takes Her Art Abroad

Photo of Julia by Jess Casey.
Photo of Julia by Jess Casey.

This has been one very busy year for “Atmospheric Pressure” artist Julia Sinelnikova. After graduating college this past May, curating multiple gallery shows, and co-organizing Arts in Bushwick events (such as Bushwick Open Studios), Julia was finally able to relax and take her art abroad! Through her visiting artist residency at Untitled BCN gallery in Barcelona, Julia was able to create new works for her very own solo exhibition entitled “Interior/Exterior” which was also held at Untitled BCN.


“I was the only international visiting artist at the space for one month, which allowed me to really get to know my own ideas and analyze my daily experiences in a way I hadn’t been able to for a long time,” Julia says. “[Barcelona] is both ancient and modern, extremely green but decidedly urban, and most importantly, the social life and art world are completely casual, relaxed, and full of outgoing creative people of all stripes. It is this initial spark which inspired me to create the works in my solo exhibition, ‘Interior/Exterior’ “. Julia also explains that her residency allowed her to instead spend time really getting to interact with people and to photograph and explore by herself, something she had not been able to really do while in NYC.

All photos by Julia Sinelnikova unless otherwise noted.


“One thing that I really liked about the Barcelona residency was that I was able to collaborate with my longtime friend Elizabeth Henaff, who has lived there for 5 years and just received her PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Barcelona. Elizabeth is also a projection artist, and with her video editing and projection mapping skills, I was able to produce one of my first works of video art for theLa Puerta installation,” says Julia. “We also used my videos of in-between moments and shadows of Barcelona, combined with her photos of street life, to create a site specific projection installation for the front entryway of the gallery, which was live during opening night.” You can take a look at the La Puerta installation video here.

GlimpseSeries_AcrylicGouacheCutPaperandTransparenciesonCottonRagPaper Gathering_AcrylicAndPhotoTransfersOnCanvas

However, Barcelona is only the beginning. Her upcoming residencies include a six month stay at the Brooklyn Art Space followed by two months in the International Artist-in-Residence program at KulttuuriKauppila Art Center in Ii, Finland. We look forward to hearing more about Julia’s art adventures!

IMG_3159 OpeningNight

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