“Toxicity” Artist: Max Glaser’s Flattened World

All photos courtesy of Brittany Natale for the WAH Center.

In a three-dimensional world, artist Max Glaser captures simple beauty on a different plane – by creating flattened “smash” pieces.

Born and raised in Georgia and now living and working in Brooklyn, Glaser uses a method that seals various colorful edibles (such as breads, fruits and snack cakes) between bullet proof glass. These full bodied objects are then transformed into a picturesque piece of art that can be hung on a wall.

Glaser describes that his creative process is mostly comprised of having conversations with various individuals. He explains how this verbal exchange is his version of “sketching” and helps flesh out and bring to life future ideas.


“The 3dimensional world does not want to give up its 3rd dimension, consequently, the process of flattening is a bit of a challenge. I constructed a hydraulic press that evenly distributes around 250 tons of pressure. Even with seemingly soft things, Twinkies for instance, even under that degree of force it can take days for the objects to fully flatten. The strength of the glass is an absolute imperative when the compressive force it bears is this great. At that point, I plastic weld seal it using marine epoxies to encase the pieces. Once it is flattened and encased I will inject body wash or honey or paint or whatever into the frame to fill up the glass entirely. Tthis allows the piece to have a continuous plane at its surface.  Then an arduous framing process and done!”

– Max Glaser 

Max Glaser’s work will be shown in “Toxicity” May 25th – June 30th, 2013. Gallery Hours: Friday through Monday 1-5pm.

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