“Toxicity” Artist: Greg Leshe’s Kaleidoscope Perspective

All photos by Brittany Natale (unless otherwise noted) for the WAH Center.

Looking at Greg Leshe’s photographs are like peeking into a private scene, playing the outsider that is looking in. His works allow the viewer to take a glimpse at the unordinary – what lies beyond the exterior and is hidden from the everyday routine. These images transgress beyond physical bounds, uncovering what goes on mentally, allowing the abstract to take form.

Photo by Yuko Nii for the WAH Center.

Leshe describes his work as “autobiographical” allowing him to look at himself from “a kaleidoscope perspective, in varying angles, peering psychic terrains, naming the forces that form [his] self”. He has stated this growing up he would watch his father work the family camera, learning quickly that the “act of photographing offered the ability to shape and construct an image through a collaboration and exchange between viewer and viewed”.

 “Photography offers this potential and opportunity to dress up, construct and project a self, an identity, a persona, and fix it for all the world to see. This early connection to the medium has lasted with me and been a part of my approach to self-inquiry, an ongoing epistemology of the self, both inward and outward”

–  Greg Leshé

Blurring the line between the real and what exists within the mind’s eye, Leshe’s work captures not only what is but what could be.




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