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THE WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER invites you to a one person show by a member of the WAH SALON ART CLUB

Jania Vanderwerff

April 1 - May 27, 2012
Opening Reception Friday, April 6th from 6-9PM

Living Water Series   2011

 Jania Vanderwerff's Living Water series began in 2011, not long after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.  

"Contemplative photos of a leaf in a pool inspired a deep awareness of the tragic disharmony.  
I considered the West coast where I live and ocean that I share with people of Japan…. the same living water.. of salt and tears.
When contained in the framework of sturdy structures or warm beaches, water can rock us gently within rhythm of the soft current. 

I recalled that it has been said that for every negative word 10 positive should be spoken. 
This work is a visual expression to offer comfort from earth and water that wounded.
In gentle groups of 10.. 
10 photos, 10 sketches, 10 paintings, and 10 small vessels of Pacific ocean water.. 
The frames are intentionally constructed of light weight material without glass, to do no harm. 
Each piece a call, a desire for hope for the people of Japan. 

Yuko Nii and 
The Artists Rescue Team at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center led the conversation in June 2011, initiating a positive model to follow. 

Please join me in this opportunity to channel attention and funds to the assistance of Japan's men, women and children.  

Like love.. living water is not tame."

Vanderwerff opening reception

Opening at Amarin Cafe, 6 April 2012

Jania Vanderwerff

Jania Vanderwerff

Jania Vanderwerff