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Pat Byrne Buzawa
Pat Byrne Buzawa
Pat Byrne Buzawa

THE WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER invites you to a one person show by a member of the art club WAH SALON

Pat Byrne Buzawa

March 8 – May 3, 2009
Reception Friday, March 13, 6-8pm


My work is inspired by real objects, events and feelings, past and present.

The ideas these subjects produce are processed through my imagination with the help of my graphic skills, into two dimensional works. My materials are always fairly simple: paper, paint- watercolor, acrylic, oil-, pencil, conte, inks, markers, crayons and the like.

My goal with each work is to dramatize the ordinary, uncover the mystery and develop the subject’s emotional resonance in a visual way that enhances the viewer’s experience. 

To do this I draw the object in the picture plane and apply cubist and other abstract techniques to heighten the viewer’s experience of the image. Ephemeral subjects such as feelings, seasons, shadows and light are treated in a nonobjective way while subjects based on real objects are fragmented, simplified or exaggerated in some graphic way.

One of my favorite images, Snowballs, is a fluffy, frivolous, floral subject but in my interpretation it is rendered in black ink with unusual collage elements which lend the image a heavy, rather serious countenance.

In Pink Fragments and Yellow Fragments the idea was to present  feelings of childhood; a small girl playing in a sunlit room, on a summer’s afternoon. Warm colors and fragmented vertical shapes represent contrasting shards of light and shadow.

By breaking open the surface of simple things, I am trying to uncover the emotional energy of my subjects. I am not a representational artist, rather, I draw objects as they appear to me. But I set them in their own world, the world of the picture plane as dramatically as possible.   

Please join me there. What do you see?

Pat Byrne-Buzawa