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Misaki Kawabe

"Red Venus", 2007, 61"x61", India ink and oil on canvas

THE WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER invites you to a one person show by a member of the art club "WILLIAMSBURG SALON"

Misaki Kawabe

"Power Rangers"

May 20-July 15, 2007
Opening reception: Fri, May.25th, 6-8 PM



Since I was a child, I have been attracted by the beauty of older women. They have dignity and great wisdom. Since they have overcome a lot of difficulties in life, they have a great understanding of the purpose of being. I feel that they are living in a world located between the actual world of material desires and another wider and higher world, a natural one. To me, they look like vestals, Venuses, angels, or little girls. That's the reason I cannot stop being amazed by them.

I think that many older women are transcendent through their motherhood, taking care of their families, life experiences and social difficulties. I believe that maternal love toward her family is one of the most significant unchangeable loves. I consider older women as the incarnation of this.

Older women are transcendent not only through their devotion but also through social difficulties. In general, youth is one of the most significant elements to define the beauty of women. The reason for this comes from social structure. For instance, older men are still connecting with the society and are respected by their community because of their status, career, knowledge and so on. Therefore, youth is not a significant element to define the beauty of men. I believe that the definition of women's beauty will change with equality on the gender. Ironically, however, this unequal situation renders the old women transcendent; because the situation prevents them from holding worldly desires. That is to say that they are receptive of anything.

I strongly hope that the angels induct you into the secrets of their lives' philosophy and leave you cheerful and peaceful.