Amarin Café

Modern Thai Cuisine — open daily
617 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Between Driggs Ave. and Nassau Ave. (G Train to Nassau Ave.)

Donn Davis
Donn Davis
Donn Davis

THE WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER invites you to a one person show by a member of the art club. "WILLIAMSBURG SALON"

Donn Davis

May 12th through June 18th
Opening Friday, May 19th, 6–8PM

I’m exploring what varied abstractions can be achieved within the bounds of a simple, strict, system that is source & process-oriented. I make artworks compiled of graphic geometric “units” reclaimed from found lettering and imagery – mostly stripped from cheaply printed cardboard cartons. With the use of this system, the scattered histories of different elements combine and their former functionality is shed through subjection to industrious hand labor, and they are recontextualized – joining together to acquire a new collective vibrancy.   

I have obsessive desires to scavenge and to redeem. The goal here is to create art with a sense of balance and rhythm, which has transcended from the most humble, minuscule, castoff bits of trash.

These artworks are very labor-intensive. The tradition of performing seemingly endless repetitions of tiny tasks toward the end of a greater goal is something that I find quite meditative. Often I impose precise geometric rules for application to guide each piece in a particular direction according to properties of the physical sciences (surface tension, attraction, repulsion, gravity).

I’m interested in providing a low-tech visual buzz made of recycled refuse. Pieces have a “presence” which begins and ends at the eye. I hope for an immediate, simple impact: an energized, self-contained marriage of quietness and loudness.

Donn Davis

March 2006