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THE WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER invites you to a one person show by a member of the art club. "WILLIAMSBURG SALON"


August 20-Oct 15
Opening Reception Fri, August 25, 6-8PM


By Carlotta Abellana-de Pio

Bienvenido Bones Banez has always been earnest about his art even while a student in the local School of Fines in Davao City, Island of Mindanao, Philippines. He painted big canvasses where he executed in beautiful vibrant color, creations and explorations of the inner realities of his young and curious mind. Snakes and the dark side made many appearances in his compositions. He used mostly somber and low pitched colors. As a student he simply followed the classic use of tonal coloring, using the primary triadic scheme and smooth surfaces. Brush work was not given much importance then. Bones Banez was preoccupied mostly with showing his story as strongly and most visually effective through the sheer size of his shocking and creative detailing of snakes, critters, human skeletons and other bioforms. This was his experimental and tentative explorations into a vision of a world he was starting to sense in his inner being. The rhythm of the internal music in his paintings was new world and very spiritual.

Spiritually, he’s been fascinated and attracted to the idea and the realm of the 666, the final Armageddon. This sense of his spirituality has resonated very strongly in his works then and now, as he is maturing in his art. This strong emotional fervor of his belief has propelled Bones Banez to walk more firmly into the world of surrealism, the world of mysticism, the world of the transcendent, the world of the mysterious, the “other” world realities. His visions are all at once religious and mundane at the same time, and always his presentations of these visions have harmonies of line and color that bring the “other” realm into our own realities, our own world of experiences clearly, enthusiastically, and absolutely.

His prismatic use of color, juxtaposing each in short linear patterns, creates the picture of a vibrant and dynamic field of visual language making his work speak with a depth of emotion and spirit albeit dark, even as his colors are brilliant and fresh.

His stories come alive speaking of and about a land and a people from across the oceans. A people whose culture and traditions he has not thoroughly and consciously assimilated into his own life. Yet, Bones Banez’ works has deeply been impacted by this powerful presence in the societal psyche of the whole populace where Bones Banez grew immersed in this pervasive underlying currents of consciousness subliminally through out his young life in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. No wonder his surrealism strongly reflects the color, rhythm and mind of these earthly, mysterious culture and tradition of a people that walks comfortably well in both the realm of the spirits and the sacred; and the mundane and the profane.

In this exhibit of small works Bienvenido Bones Banez has truly spoken eloquently and strongly in his brilliant and vivid colors about the spirit of the gods, the sublime and the profane, of his origin.