Announcing Maker Maps!

Our friends at Made in Brooklyn Tours have recently announced the launch of Maker Maps – neighborhood guides to the businesses and organizations “makin’ it” in Brooklyn! Dom Gervasi, owner and producer of the award-winning Made in Brooklyn Tours, promotes Brooklyn’s growing “maker movement” with tours of the five neighborhoods covered in the guides. With the financial support […]

WAH Salon Member Estelle Levy passed away on May 27

Estelle Levy
Dear WAH Salon Members and Friends, Today, I got a couple calls and emails from the WAH Salon members, telling me of the death of Estelle Levy. They told me that they had gotten the news from Facebook. Yes, Estelle Levy’s nephew, Ed Levy informed me yesterday that his aunt passed away on Tuesday May […]

Arts in Bushwick’s Blog Coverage on “WAH Bridges Bushwick”

Arts in Bushwick's blog.
“As my feet carry me around the room, themes begin to emerge. Textures abound, a mix of media and material that reflect the experimental nature of the world from which they were created: Bushwick. Bushwick, a world of color and decay where the trash on the streets is counterbalanced by the art pasted on the […]

“Atmospheric Pressure” Artist Julia Sinelnikova Takes Her Art Abroad

Photo of Julia by Jess Casey.
This has been one very busy year for “Atmospheric Pressure” artist Julia Sinelnikova. After graduating college this past May, curating multiple gallery shows, and co-organizing Arts in Bushwick events (such as Bushwick Open Studios), Julia was finally able to relax and take her art abroad! Through her visiting artist residency at Untitled BCN gallery in […]

“Toxicity” Artist: Greg Leshe’s Kaleidoscope Perspective

Greg Leshe
Looking at Greg Leshe’s photographs are like peeking into a private scene, playing the outsider that is looking in. His works allow the viewer to take a glimpse at the unordinary – what lies beyond the exterior and is hidden from the everyday routine. These images transgress beyond physical bounds, uncovering what goes on mentally, […]

“Toxicity” Artist: Max Glaser’s Flattened World

Max Glaser
In a three-dimensional world, artist Max Glaser captures simple beauty on a different plane – by creating flattened “smash” pieces. Born and raised in Georgia and now living and working in Brooklyn, Glaser uses a method that seals various colorful edibles (such as breads, fruits and snack cakes) between bullet proof glass. These full bodied […]

“Toxicity” Artist & Curator: Aimee Hertog

Aimee Hertog
  Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Aimee Hertog has created both sculpture installation as well as digital photography that has been shown in various exhibits throughout New York City. Inspired by Joseph Cornell and Alexander Calder’s work, Hertog uses found objects – “discarded clothing, kitchenware and other commonplace materials” to create her pieces. Her […]