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Terrance Lindall
Paradise Lost
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Nigh on the plain with wondrous art a fabric huge rose like an exaltation, with the sound of dulcet symphonies and voices sweet, built like a temple. Meanwhile, the heralds by command of sovereign power, with awful ceremony and trumpet sound, throughout the host proclaim a solemn council to be held in Pandemonium, the high capital of Satan and his peers. Satan exalted thus displayed: "Powers and Dominions! I give not Heaven for lost. Whether for open war or covert guile we now debate. Who can advise may speak."

Moloch, the strongest and fiercest spirit that fought in Heaven, these words thereafter spake: "My sentence is for open war. Turning our tortures into horrid arms, He shall see black fire and horror shot among His angels, which if not victory is yet revenge.

"On the other side rose up Bilial. Though his tongue dropped manna, to nobler deeds timorous and slothful: "What if from above should intermitted vengeance arm again His red right hand to plague us and Hell should spout her cataracts of fire threatening hideous fall upon our heads? This would be worse. War therefore dissuades."

Beelzebub, than whom, Satan except, none higher sat, seemed a pillar of state. On his front engraven deliberation sat while thus he spake: " Thrones and Imperial Powers! War hath determined us and foiled with loss irreparable. What if we find some easier enterprise. There is a place, the happy seat of some new race called 'man' to be created. Thither let us bend our thoughts and where their weakness seduce them to our party that their God may prove their foe. This would surpass common revenge." The bold design pleased highly, with full assent they vote.