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Art Shuttle


THE FREE SHUTTLE BUS running from the Puck Building in Soho (Lafayette & W.Houston) to Williamsburg during the Festival on October 16th & 17th WILL HAVE ARTISTS ON THE BUS and will be showing video tapes of Williamsburg/Greenpoint artists & events. The bus leaves six times daily from the corner of Lafayette & West Houston and The Artists on the bus are as follows:

Saturday October, 16th:

12-Noon: Sebastian Gross from Santiago Chile, lyrical abstract oils

1 P.M. Amayo - designer of seasonal American athletic & leisure wear influenced by tribal & architectural shapes.

2 P.M. Mary Westring - painter, printmaker & mixed media artist

3:30 P.M. - Anna Lima of Molecule & her model, both wearing her form fitting, thermally molded, flexible breast plates, are synthesized with graphic cut-outs & silky fabrics creating a line of diverse & sultry ensembles.

5 P.M. Acid - designer of muscle enhancements & form fitting leather jackets to make anyone look like their own superheroe!

6:30 P.M. - Annie Murdock - designer of unique costumes

Sunday October 17th:

12-Noon: Whitney Kalke - an abstract artist working in non-traditonal material

1 P.M. Shirley Venit Anger - Grew up in Williamsburg in the 401s & 501s, painter & batik artist.Video Shown: Interview with artists & performers of Williamsburg

2 P.M. Gene Pool of Johnny Carson fame - performance artist & entertainer & originator of the Crest Hardware Art Show.

3:30 P.M. Ian Zimmerman - OP ART with content. He will play a video of the Charles Gatewood Reception - the human dart board & more BE FOREWARNED THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!

5:00 P.M. Artist on bus not listed as of this update

6:30 P.M. Artist on bus not listed as of this update

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