"...Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?"

HAL 9000 asks as Dave Bowman heads into HAL's central controls to disconnect the power system, in the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. On June 21st, sixty (plus) New York City artists will present multi-media responses to that question, as posed by artist/curator Bruce Pearson. Pearson has challenged these artists to use Kubrick's film as a jumping off point to produce work that explores our cultural situation, poised at the edge of a new millenium. It is his hope that the sights and sounds generated by this gathering of experimental artists will reveal the complexity of this highly charged epochal moment, with each artist demonstrating his/her individual position within or outside the power structures of the late 20th century. The individual voice raised against "McWorld" could be the subtitle of what promises to be a (figuratively andd literally) noisy show, presenting painting, sculpture, installation, performance, sound, and text work that aims to provide new perspectives on both the dangers and the potential for progress inherent in the development of global technology.

The artists include: Joe Amrein + Polly Apfelbaum + Mike Ballou + Gregory Barsamian + Jean Blackburn + David Byrne + David Clarkson + Ann Daly + Kim Dickey + Verne Dawson + Nicole Eisenman + James Esber + Rochelle Feinstein + Stacy Greene + Nade Haley + Thomas Hanrahan + Elana Herzog + Lisa Hein + Dana Kane + Jon Kessler + Rachel Knight + Sermin Kurdestuncer + Megan Lang + Simon Lee + Lillian Maurer + Sean Mellyn + Suzanne McClelland + Victoria Meyers + Roxy Paine + Marilla Palmer + Jason Reed + Jeff Reimen + David Scher + Amy Sillman + Jack Siman + Peter Soriano + Charles Spurrier + Greg Stone + Eve Sussman + Lauren Szold + Fred Tomaselli + Jeanne Trenel + Gordon Voisey + Randy Wray + Mary Zeigler

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