Apocalypse 1999

Juried Exhibit of Art From Around the World
based upon ideas of THE APOCALYPSE

October 16, 1999 through November 14th, 1999

Opening Saturday, October 16, 7:30 pm, $10

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York, 11211 USA
(corner of Bedford, right next to the Williamsburg Bridge)

Gallery Hours:
Saturday and Sunday Noon–6pm
Mondays by appointment

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, Prepare to be astounded. This is a show about how artists envision the Apocalypse. The response has been intense, from South Africa to New Zealand, from Moscow to China, and we have come up with artists of highest quality to fill the WAH Center from catacombs to rafters. Just to name a few, we have two artists in the basement. One is Disney Borg, the virtual wizard who will warp you into the next century of art. He intends not only to enlighten the dark corners of the basement, but threatens to wrap his light show around the the outside of the building itself and park "pollution bubbles" in various places around the art community. Next, the installation of Peter Caine will give you goose bumps in "the cask of Amontillado room." In the former bank director's office, John Klima allows the viewer to interact in a virtual reality excursion through the universe, and the infamous Charles Gatewood, the great photographer of APOCALYPTIC SUBCULTURES IN AMERICA, will astound and even horrify you. There will he many, many other artists from every corner of the globe who will take you to "where no mind has gone before."

Meanwhile, as if fine art alone were not enough to thrill you, we have brought together for your astonishment and wonder some of the greatest talent to grace the concept of Apocalypse. Our feature performer at several of these Apocalypse events is Ethan Pettit. Ethan is the truly gifted "character of Williamsburg." He is a conceptual artist, a Shakespearean actor of some note, and a comedienne par excellence who will leave you rolling in the aisles. And at 10pm promptly he will bound to the stage and "deliver," buck naked as he was born onto" the millennium (and as he will leave it), his gift to the millennium, the "Millennial Oratorio." A 15 minute psychedelic mind slide covering the complete litany of man's cultural achievements from the poetic epics of Homer down to our present day. As Ethan says, this is not a performance, it is a delivery! From this point on, performance is dead. In the new millennium there will only be 'deliveries!!!!' Finally the President of the WAH Center will hand out awards to the artists to honor their high achievements, capping a day of celebration of the arts in Williamsburg, the "emerging art capital of the world." See the listings of other international and local luminaries circumnavigating the Pettit constellation from Japan, Poland, Switzerland, etc., and, OF COURSE, local talent.



October 16 (Sat), 7:30pm, Admission $10
Opening Reception for APOCALYPSE 1999
- Internationally acclaimed poet Robert Zaller reads DRESDEN ZOO
- Andrea Haenggi and Erika Dankmeyer, from Switzerland perform the ballet “Al + One in a Room,” uniting art, dance & technology
- Chris Voise, composer from Poland, premieres a new digital masterpiece
- Ethan Pettit delivers his 15 minute Millennial Oratorio covering the complete litany of man’s cultural achievements from the poetic epics of Homer down to our present day
- Terrance Lindall, President of the WAH Center, announces awards to the artists

October 16, 17 (Sat & Sun), 12–7pm
Williamsburg Arts & Culture Festival

October 22, 23 (Fri & Sat), 7:30pm, Admission $10
- Peter Dizozza’s new play PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER, a mad romp from here to eternity and back again!

October 24 (Sun), 3pm, Admission $3
THE WILLIAMSBURG SYMPOSIUM ON THE FUTURE OF MAN. At this point in time when people are thinking of the future, and wondering if we can solve the many problems of war, race, disease & poverty, we bring together a number of prominent thinkers to discuss the future of man in the age of high technology and expanding population. The feature speaker will be Mark Daniel Cohen, a prominent art critic with a background in philosophy, mathematics and physics.

October 31 (Sun), 8pm, Admission $10
- HALLOWEEN OF THE APOCALYPSE: HELL’S FANTASIA, a costume parade with jack-o-lanterns across the Williamsburg Bridge arriving at the WAH CENTER party!
- WATER DANCE by Shin Kunitomo from Japan,
- Storytelling, ventriloquists, music & more!!

November 6 (Sat), 8pm, Admission $5
- The Respectful Prostitute (Jean-Paul Sarte)
by Anasazi Productions
- The Sofrito Percussion Group

November 7 (Sun), 7:30pm Admission $5
- Keiji Haino from Japan performance. Plus a solo dance by Zack Fuller.

November 13 (Sat), 8pm
- Performance TBA

November 14 (Sun), 8pm
APOCALYPSE 1999 Closing Party!!!



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Rodney Graphics
Imuno Nuclear Corp.
Art Visionary Magazine
Flash Productions
The Broadway Diner
Reel Life Video Rentals
Beacon’s Closet
Stroll in Video
two jakes
Uccelli Restorante Italiano
Greenwood Museum
American Numismatic Society
Ugly Luggage
Furniture Charlies
G & S Designs
Miyako’s Restaurant
Oznot’s Dish
max & roebling
Miss Williamsburg Diner
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Milton & Sally Avery Foundation
Peco Foundation
Fifth Floor Foundation
Circum Arts Foundation
Councilman Ken Fisher


Fantastic Art

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Antanas Adomaitis
Audrey Frank Anastasi
Jan Hodges Baer
Marilyn Bagner
Phillip Buehler
Disney Borg
Duane Bousfield,
Daniel C. Boyer
Tobias Brill
Mia Brownell
Orin Buck
Hildy Burns
Steven Burns
Peter Caine
Elizabeth Castellano
Joe Catuccio
Maris Cenitis
Richard Ciccarelli
Margaret Cogswell
Natasha Cohen
Martin Collins
Shoshana Cooper
Edward Coppola
Marie R. Corio
Matthew Cramer
Robin Dash
Nilonn DeRosario
Domenic DiFiglia
Jorgen Mahler Elbang
Isabelle Eng
Mary Fagan
Lou Fatta
Deborah Feldman
Timothy Feresten
Angelo Filomena
Susan Fleminger
Michael Foley
Jennifer Formica
Jerome Frank
Lynne Friedman
Robert Freimark
Ayakoh Furukawa
Valerie Galloway
Clare Gilmour
Marcia Godosky
Gilbert Gonzalez
George Grove
Carmella Gullo
Bernard Hallstein
Debbie Han
Camille Hempel
David Herman
Brian Hiott
Albert Horowitz
Richard Hoschler
Richard Humann
Sheryl Humphrey
Kim Iacono
Rado Ivanov
Charles Haywood Johnson
Christine Ka'aloa
Patricia Kelly
John Klima
Jeff Konigsberg
John Kramer
Michael Krinsky
Rosa Kryzhanovska
Amy M. Kupferberg
Yurly Laptev
Kristin Larkin
Chuck Lawson
Estelle Levy
Terrance Lindall
Tatiana Mamaeva
Khaled Mansur
H.R. Marion
Elizabeth Mandelbaum
Harriet Regina Marion
Maureen McCarron
John Meza
Robert Morgan
Y. Nagasaki
Susan Newmark
Yuko Nii
Chris O’Brien
Hiromi Oikawa
Matthew Osiol
Catherine Ouchterloney
Breck Outland
Dana Parlier
Kimberly Manne-Patterson
Kimberly D. Patterson
Robert Pope III
Kate Quigley
Carol Quint
Carol Radsprecher
John Rae
Lisa Ramsay
Elizabeth Riley
Marie Roberts
Christopher Roman
Scott Rummler
Robert Sagerman
Janis H. Sanders
William Schaff
Casey A. Schwarz
Carrie Skoczek
Andrea Stanislav
Dan Stein
Jairo Toro
Serge Usatov
Elizabeth Vineis
Leonard J. Warrick
Lisa Weinblatt
Heather Weathers
Erika Weihs
Mary Westring
Simeon Wilkins
Tammy Wofsey
Dmitry Yakovin
Mary G. Yanashot
Kenny Young
Mario Zante

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