5th Annual Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition in NY


painting, print, installation, photo, video art, contemporary craft and more

March 2nd ‒ 11th, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION : March 2nd, Fri. 6-8pm
ARMORY NIGHT : March 10th, Sat. 6-11pm; Performances 8–11pm  »External website for Armory Night
OPEN HOURS : Thursday to Monday : 1-6pm

Participating Artists
NY ARTISTS : koosuke IRKT ikeda, Yoshiyuki Shimamoto, Yoko Naito, Jun Shoji, Sayori Matsuyama, Akihiro Ito, Kenichi Nakajima, Natsuko Hattori
TOKYO ARTISTS : Yuka Abe, Yuka Kageyama, Maho Hikino, Ruuna Iwasaki, Haruka Kanamaru, Tomomi Emori, Takuya Yamauchi, Akila Maenishi, Azusa Otsuka, Mami Tanida, Yui Ikeda, Ayumi Nakajima, kito tsuboi. Atsuko Tsuruta, Satomi Tawara, Akiko Fukuda, Saki Kitamura, Hiromi Horiuchi, ema

New York / Tokyo - PEPPER'S PROJECT, a Tokyo-based gallery and art project, is pleased to present a group exhibition, j_ART 2ND ‒5th Annual Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition in NY, at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. It is a simultaneous project with Japanese Young Artists Book fair_6th which is occurring at 5 well known bookstores in NY.

J_ART_2nd is an art exhibition introducing young Japanese artists from Tokyo and NY. The program consists of all genre of art: painting, wood-block printing, photography, object, contemporary craft making, installation, video art, sound art and dance performance. The art works will be exhibited and displayed everywhere inside WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER, one of the historical buildings of Brooklyn. Hall and small rooms, stair-case, restroom of 1F, gallery in 2F, performance studio of 3F… literally every single space you can find in WAH. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the artworks of over 30 young Japanese artists.

This exhibition is produced by PEPPER'S PROJECT, a Tokyo-based gallery and art projects. Since 1998, PEPPER'S PROJECT has organized large numbers of exhibitions to present the works of young Japanese artists working in a variety of genres and media. In 2006, PEPPER'S PROJECT started promoting artists for overseas market in key cities around the world. "Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition in NY" brings together the artists participated in our past exhibition programming and directly promotes them in the art scene created in NY. PEPPER'S PROJECT proudly introduces our artists to NY every year with different theme and perspective, making Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition as an annual event.

J_ART 2ND ‒ 5th Annual Japanese Emerging Artists Exhibition in NY - will be on view at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn through March 2nd to March 11th, 2012. This is a simultaneous project with the Japanese Young Artists Book Fair_6h, which will be on view through March 1st to March 13th at 5 locations throughout NY and Brooklyn.