13th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show

Exhibition January 21 – February 19, 2012

Opening Saturday, January 21, 4-6PM

Coördinated by Julie Saypoff and Mary Westring
Curated by Yuko Nii

Bogar Alonso, Lynda Andrus, Stephen Auslender, Gracie Azar, Ayako Bando, Bienvenido B. Banez, Carole Barlowe, Doreen Beck, Olivia Beens, Jeffrey Berman, Tomek Bogacki, Benjamin Bohnsack, Beryl Brenner, Liubov Brizhatiuk, Wioska Bruno, Leokadia Makarska-Cermak, Irene Cohen, Suzanne I. Cunningham, Chris Dunne, Sandra Forrest, Carmen Frank, Troy C. Frantz, Tomoko Fujiki, Monique K. Given, Richard W. Hatter, Christine Herman, Aimee Hertog. Barbara Herzfeld, Halona Hilbertz, Bryan Hiott, Tom Hooper, Sarah Horvat, Rose S. Ibsen, Natalia Isaenko, Junichiro Ishida, Susan Jacobs, Sam Jungkurth, Hide Kawabata, Richard Karp, Mildred Kaye, Suprina Kenney, Frank Krasicki, Estelle Levy, Basha Maryanska, Margo Mead, Gail Mitchell, Walter Mosley, Mark Mulfinger, Yumiko Nolan, Sawaka K. Norii, Kazumasa Oda, Paula Paterniti, Arthur Polendo, Carmen Porfido, Tina Psoinos, Jennifer Primosch, Renee B. Radenberg, Marina Reiter, Cheryl Safren, Mira Satryan, Julie Joy Saypoff, Larry Scaturro, Tasneem M. Shahzad, Bonnie Shanas, Joel Simpson, Yoshiyuki Shimamoto, Linda Smith, Christel A. Steier, Larry Szycher, Agnieszka Szyfter, Joanne Tarlin, Tat Tank-A, Rhonda Tawil, Alice Topalian, Angela Valeria, Jania Vanderwerff, Yookan Westfield, Mary Westring, Marcia Widenor, Courtney L. Weida

Live Perfromance:

Tai Chi and Kung Fu by Jennifer Primosch

Saturday, Jan. 21, 5:30 pm

Tai Chi and Kung Fu by Jennifer Primosch

Beside being a fine artist, Jennifer Primosch has been studying Dragon Style Kung Fu and Wu and Yang style Tai Chi in NY City’s Chinatown since 2003. Dragon Style Kung Fu emphasizes close-quarter fighting with hand techniques and short kicks. Weapons such as the Butterfly Knives, The Staff, The Kwan Dao are also used. She has been performing in NY City, Tri-State area and in Hong Kong.

“Artists Speak, the Poet Listens”

Poetry Recital about the Works in the Show

by S. David, Sun. Feb. 19, 4 pm

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13th WAH Salon Opening Reception, by Tasneem Shahzad, Jan. 2012.

This year, for the website, some artists have provided samples of their work which are not in the show. To see their submissions, please come to the actual show!

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13th Annual Williamsburg Salon Art Club Show

Yellow Sky (Brooklyn)

Yellow Sky (Brooklyn)

by Yookan Westfield

Oil on Canvas