12th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show

Saturday, January 15 – Sunday, February 13, 2011
Opening: Saturday, January 15, 4–6 pm
Coördinated by Carol Quint and Mary WestringWAH Salon 2011

Participating Artists

Stephen Auslender
Michael Bales
Joanna Banek
Bienvenido Bones Banez
Carole Barlowe
Nikolai Bartossik
Doreen Beck
Jeffery Berman
Tomek Bogocki
Benjamin Bohnsack
Beryl Brenner
Liubov Brizhatiuk
Orin Buck
Karla Caprali
Suzanne Ives Cunningham
Donn Davis
Chris Dunne
Sandra Forrest
Carmen Frank
Barbara Frankiewicz
Troy Frantz
Zuzanna Gajos
Jacek Gulla
Richard W. Hatter
Barbara Herzfeld
Christine Herman
Halona Hilbertz
Ali Hocek
Tom Hooper
Junichiro Ishida
Kip Jacobs
Susan Jacobs
Sam Jungkurth
Atsuko Kawai
Mildred Kaye
Suprina Kenny
Frank Krasicki
Estelle Levy
Sheena Liu
Basha Maryanska
Margo Mead
Lee Milby
Gail Mitchell
Walter Lynn Mosley
Mark Mulfinger
Vernita Nemec, AKA N’Cognita
Yumiko Nolan
Arthur Polendo
Carmen Porfido
Jennifer Primosch
Yupin Pramotepipop
Tina Psoinos
Carol Quint
Renee Radenberg
Cheryl Safren
Julie Joy Saypoff
Mira Satryan
Larry Scaturro
David Serrano
Tasneem Shahzad
Shungo Shimizu
Joel Simpson
Linda Smith
Agnieszka Szyfter
Tat Tank-A
Alice Topalian
Jania Vanderwerff
Mary Westring

Live Perfromance

We are pleased to present an Entertainment Program during our Pot Luck Dinner!

"A Star of the Evening", vocalist Gabrielle (wife of Salon member David Serrano), will enchant us with her beautiful voice and guitar.

It's a wonderful way to end our successful Salon Show with a special celebration, sharing good times with good food and drinks, musical entertainment and of course, best of all, good friends like you! It will be a great memory for all of us to take home!!

Sunday, February 13


Gabreille CDGabrielle’s songs reflect her earthy ethereal voice and her individuality. Her CD “WIDE” elicited comparisons to Peter Gabriel & Joni Mitchell drawing comment for its deep emotional authenticity.

Live Perfromance

Derivative Butoh Dance
by Vernita Nemec AKA N’Cognita

Saturday, January 15

Derivative Butoh Dance  by Vernita Nemec AKA N’Cognita

Besides being a fine artist, Vernita has been performing since the 1970s. She received Jerome Robinson Foundation Fellowship in 1986. She studied Butoh from Akira Kasai, Eiko & Koma and others. Since 1999 she has been performing her own style Butoh called “Derivative Butoh Dance.” She has performed in USA, Europe, Japan and Mexico.


Poetry Recital about the Works in the Show

by S. David. Sun. Feb.13

WAH Salon 2011WAH Salon opening 2011