Creative Couples

Curated by Linda Smith

Saturday, March 13 – Sunday, April 11, 2010

Opening Reception with Performance by Kathleen & William Laziza
Saturday, March 13, 3:30-6 PM

Susan Gardener & Bruce Brooks
Halona Hilbertz & Donn Davis
Jan Hoogenboom & P.M. Laura
Sheryl Humphrey & Ed Coppola
Susan Jacobs & Larry Scaturro
Linda Smith & Sam Jungkurth

Creative Couples

WAH Center (The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) is pleased to present Creative Couples. The works of the six couples in this exhibition exemplify the progress made since the women's liberation movement first enlightened us. The exhibition includes lush and vital paintings, sculptures, photographs and mixed media by six couples as mentioned above.

No doubt the constructive criticism and natural exchange of artists living and working together strengthen and enrich their art, and mutual respect and emotional support create an environment for both man and woman to flourish. Influence between artists is natural. The natural evolution of human thought and culture has been based upon borrowing the best ideas of the other and creatively incorporating them into a new thought and vision.

Each of the twelve artists in this exhibition has a personal vision, distinctly their own, evidently not encroached upon by his or her partner. Thus the exchange of support and nourishment each might have received from the other is not apparent in the individual's work. However, is it hidden in the work, a natural response of love and mutual respect? Does today's "Equality" between a man and a woman make the natural influences between loving couples different than that of yesterday? Has “Individualism” caused each to resist the other's influence and make an effort to hold on to their own vision and expression as a part of artistic independence?

While we commonly see jealousy and competitiveness among artists and the sexes, those six couples have managed successfully to give support to each other, respecting for individual expression while appreciating each other’s work. They have stayed together as Creative Couples. Also, it is interesting to imagine what each couples' work would be like if they had never been life sharing partners.

A multi-media collaboration by performance artist couple, Kathleen and William Laziza, will be featured in conjunction with the opening reception of Creative Couples. Kathleen and William have performed at various venues including CBGBs, the Knitting Factory, ABC No Rio and the WAH Center.

For further information please contact Yuko Nii at WAH Center.