Selected Contemporary Works from the Permanent Collection
Part 2 (2002-present)

November 21 - December 27, 2009
Opening Reception Saturday November 21, 1-6 PM

Main Galleries: Selected Contemporary Works from the Permanent Collection, Part 2 (2002-present)

More than 120 works by nearly 80 artists

Special Viewing Day (date TBA) for video art including works by Amy Greenfield, Bahar Behbahani, Elle Burchill, Elodie Lauten

smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop

smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop attendees will be meeting at the WAH Center before embarking for a bus tour of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint galleries. The tour is being conducted Saturday, November 21, from 1 to 6 pm. more info>>

Abdul Rahman Al Mozayen, Muhammed Al Amery, Nabil Anani, Bienvenido Bones Banez jr., Marcia Bernstein, Maurizio Bolognini, Ilya Bolotowsky, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Hildy Burns, Rodriquez Calero (ROCA), Judy Chicago, Fabrice Covelli, Andrea Cukier, Donn Davis, Pablo Delano, Thomas DeLooza, Eben Dodd, Troy Frantz, Ayakoh Furukawa, Dinh Gia Le, Samia Halaby, Daniel Hanequand, Allen Henriquez, Halona Hilbertz, Virginia Hoge, Tom Hooper, Jeff Hoppa, Hasan Hourani, Richard Humann, Soojung Hyun, Takamune Ishiguro, Hidenori Izumi, Susan Jacobs, Gerald Johnson, Ahmad Kanaan, Guiro Kato, Ryoga Katsuma, Tamiko Kawata, Gloria Kennedy, Arthur P. Kirmss, Sachiko Kobayashi, Yayoi Kusama, Robert Lansdon, Alexandra Limpert, Tom Loeb, Sanae Maeda, Drew Maillard, Donna Moran, Hideo Murakami, Yumiko Nolan, Olsawsky, Nana Ono, Yoko Ono, Dana Parlier, Carmen Porfido, Yupin Pramotepipop, Carol Quint, Faith Ringgold, Ce Roser, Boom Rossukkon, Bonnie Rychlak, Cheryl Safren, Shigeno Sawada, Larry Scatturo, Frarncisco Schklowsky, Tasneem Shahzad, Shan Shan Sheng, K. Shima, Rachel Shoham, Sally Shore, Joel Simpson, Carri Skoczek, Gary Spradling, Sachiko Sube, Ari Tabei, Mayumi Takagi, Yasufumi Takahashi, Nocien Uskaemu, Nancy Ward, Mary Westring, Gaddy Wicken Dir, Maki Yamamoto, Phyllis Yampolsky, Haejin Yoon, Marcia Widenor, Hani Zurob, and others.

Since late 1996 when the WAH Center opened, we have been acquiring contemporary works for a collection. While most of the works in the collection are from wonderful exhibitions held at the WAH Center, some works in the collection were not exhibited at the center, but donated by our generous friends. And while many works are from artists in New York City, we also have works by artists from across the United States and abroad. In one or two cases we have acquired work from an artist in depth, which we can show at special times. And, on particular themes such as last years, “Paradise Lost,” we have a very good body of art that can be shown again at special occasions.

We are most thankful to have received many works donated by generous artists, and we are especially delighted and honored to have works by some particularly outstanding artists who are highly respected in the art world, such as Ilya Bolotowsky, Judy Chicago, Yayoi Kusama, Faith Ringgold, Jerry Rudquist, Toshiko Takaezu, Ansei and Toshiko Uchima, Chuyu Uemae, (a member of the Japanese avant-garde “Gutai” group) and more. For the most part, however, they are working professionals of high talent some of whom have been already recognized, having wide exposure in the New York Art World and beyond, and some of whom we feel will be known in future years. We are following their progress with great interest.

We hope that you will come to visit Part 2 of the contemporary art show this November & December that opens November 21st with the smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop with free shuttle buses throughout the borough.

WAH collection exhibit 2

Top row: Ilya Bolotwsky, Three works: “Yellow,” “Red,” “Blue,” A/P, Silkscreen, ea. 31.5” x 23”
Second row, left to right : Faith Ringold, 4 works from the “Passion Series,” Pen and color ink on paper, 11” x 8.25”
Yayaoi Kusama: Two works: “High Heels” A/P, Silkscreen, 23” x 19”, “Lemonade” A/P, silkscreen, 18” x 23”
Judy Chicago, “The Crowning,” Ink on rag paper, 34” x 24”, 1980
Sculptures left to right:
On left pedestal: Larry Scatturo, “Shell Piece”, Walnut, 9”(w) x 6”(d) x 18”(h), 2008
Dinh Gia Le, “Goat,” Paper and mixed media, 17”(w) x 35”(d) x 27”(h), 2003
Sachiko Sube, “Peace & Harmony,” 14”(w) x 14.5”(d) x 30”(h), 2002
Richard Humann, “The Fires Themselves Have a Terrible Beauty”, Clear resin, plastic, 17.5”(w) x 11”(d) x 2.5” (h), 2002
Sachiko Sube, “Peace & Harmony,” 14”(w) x 14.5”(d) x 39”(h), 2002
Dinh Gia Le, “Goat,” Paper and mixed media, 15”(w) x 24”(d) x 14”(h), 2003
On right pedestal: Troy Frantz, “The Scream,” Hydrocal, 12”(w) x 10”(d) x 20”(h), 2008