Sunday, February 24th

Everyone welcome!
Special Announcement to the WAH Salon Artists and some other guests!

Sunday, Feb. 24th will be the last day for our Salon Show. Thanks to all of the participants, we have been receiving wonderful responses from many viewers. The show is very colorful, interesting and most importantly with high quality. Please tell your friends to come and see the show before it ends.


As you were informed, please come to pick up your art work that evening. At that time, we are going to have our ANNUAL POT LUCK DINNER. Please bring a dish or two, and if you can't, please kindly donate $5.00. The WAH Center will provide wine, beer, soda. etc. This is a fun time to share with fellow artists, and also a good chance to get to know art club members in an intimate "Family" atmosphere.

That's not the end of the evening event!

We are going to have a special feature: "Art Speaks, a Poet Listens," presented by Steve David. His poetry reading is quite unique, different from any poetry readings you've experienced before. He has chosen about 2 dozen art works from the Salon show, and he responds with poetry to what he sees in the art works. You will enjoy his unique vision and sharp sensitivity in his personal expression. He bridges visual and poetic arts. You will discover something you never knew or have even been aware of before as his inner voice speaks about your work. "A Poet Speaks, An Artist Listens"

Steve would like you to be there at 5:30 PM SHARP, because he will start reading in front of the works still on display. The reading will be about 30 minutes. And then we go to the first floor for dinner.

Don't miss all of the happenings of the evening to celebrate our final day of the successful 9th Annual Salon Show!!

See you there!
Love, Carol, Mary and Yuko

Brief Biography for S. David

Born in N.Y.C. to a Canadian father and an American mother. Graduated Stuyvesant H.S. Attended a number of colleges, But graduated from Brooklyn College, did graduate work at CUNY G.C. and a number of other places. While doing Graduate work, taught Sociology at various area colleges and drove a truck full time (8 years). Founded and was Executive Director of a Local Development Corporation and a local Historical society. Editor of several newsletters and monographs. Taught JHS mathematics and social studies many years. Resides in Brooklyn with 3 dogs, too many books and Much music. Has been actively writing poetry since 1997 and Confluenced* with art since 2002.

* innovative usage or grammatical shift

9th Annual
Williamsburg Salon
Art Club Show

January 19 February 24, 2008

Opening Reception Saturday January 19, 4–6 PM

featuring 5 PM performance Cocohabitat by Ari Tabei and Ted Efremoff

WAH Salon Artists Online Gallery

Bienvenida Bones Banez Jr, Charles Basman, Jeffrey Berman,Tomek Bogaki, Beryl Brenner, Orin Buck, Rich Buckler, Katherine Butler, Karla Caprali, Sunny Chapman, Carla Cubit, Andrea Cukier, Donn Davis, Chris Dunne, Ted Efremoff, Milton Fletcher, Jennifer Herrera, Aimee Hertog, Halona Hilbertz, Takamune Ishiguro, Sam Jungkurth, Ryoga Katsuma, Misaki Kawabe, Estelle Levy, Stephen Lombardi, Sanae Maeda, Elaine Marinoff, Aleksandar Milenkovic, Gail Mitchell, Koji Moriya, Walter Mosley, Yumiko Nolan, Pari, Dana Parlier, Patricia Peticolas, Milena Popov, Inga Poslitur, Yupin Pramotepipop, Carmen Porfido, Jennifer Primosch, Joohyun Pyune, Carol Quint, Lee Ruelle, Cheryl Safren, Rahul Sagar, Larry Scaturo, Alex Shabatinas, M. Tasneem Shahzad, Rhona Shand, Rachel Shoham, Linda Smith, Helaine Soller, Christina Soto, Ari Tabei, TANK-A, Evgueri Tonevitski, Matthew Turov, Mary Westring, Marcia Widenor, Phyllis Yampolsky

The WAH Center offers an artist membership program called the WAH Salon Art Club. It gives exposure to artists of a wide range and spectrum, from established and emerging artists. It fulfills one of the WAH Centers missions based upon the WAH Founders Bridge Concept.
At the Salon, fine art can meet functional art (craft) andperforming art (music, dance, theater and poetry). Technology can also give means to artistic expression. Here young and old, all nations and cultures, can bridge their expressions though the international language of art. In concept, the Salon is all the colors of the artists palette.

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