Landscapes as Geographies of the Abstract

FEBRUARY 12 – MARCH 6, 2005

with "Traveling Landscapes," Kathleen Vance

The public is invited to an opening reception with the artists,
Saturday, February 12, 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Kevin Archer • Roxanne Bohana • David Di Pasquale • Michael Flynn • Shelley Haven • Seren Morey
Bill Nogosek • Jorge Posada • Leah Stuhltrager • Marsha Trattner • Kathleen Vance • Dolores Wesnak • Marcia Widenor

“ The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes . . . ”
--Marcel Proust

Shelley HavenShelley Haven, "Belle Creek IV"
19 by 22 inches, oil on linen, 2005


Roxanne Bohana Roxanne Bohana, "Slate Stone"
14x17, mixed media

David DiPasquale

David DiPasquale
"Apparition: The Harvest and the Zither"
48" X 32", Acrylic on Canvas, 2002

Dolores Wesna

Dolores Wesnak, "Catskill Memory"
Height 15" Width 28" Acrylic on paper.


All genuine art is the result of living experience . . . and the art of landscape painting can be no exception to the rule. UNFAMILIAR DESTINATIONS is an exhibition of artists in tune with the demands of non-representational painting and sculpture. Through that creative process these artists will explore nature as empathetic states of mind, balancing chaos with beauty in an artistic space abandoned to visual poetry: contemplative and ecstatic visions as embodiments of meaningful sensations.
UNFAMILIAR DESTINATIONS recognizes Abstract Expressionism as the touchstone of this exhibition, circumventing the traditional rules of landscape art by emphasizing a detachment from the real, material world, and examining the merits of the work as a spiritual, poetical communication rather than a strictly imitative treatment of visible nature. Directly affecting, informal, and emotional in character, these works are reductive, street-wise, and painterly explorations in the unfamiliar terrain of such issues as scale, color, surface, and technical innovations of the creative vocabulary: distillation, compression, and extraction. The artists of UNFAMILIAR DESTINATIONS validate their personal voices against more conservative notions of “what art is about,” through understanding that the real subject of their work is in the rigor and focus of the painting itself: an explicit presentation of a dynamic and highly intuitive point of view in which physical nature and the human spirit are united in a single expression of truth, rewarding the mind as well as the eye.

James Pinney, Curator