Creative Expression / The Art of Healing


Encountering the Communion of ‘The Other’

APRIL 9 - MAY 1, 2005

The public is invited to an opening reception with the artists,
Saturday, April 9, 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Edward Coppola • Joanne de Rosa • Richard W. Hatter
Robert Herman • Anki King • Jorge Posada
Diana Schmertz • Catherine Tafur • Miguel Tió

Miguel Tio

Miguel Tio, "Adams and Eves" (Triptych)
Oil on canvas, each canvas is 60" x 28"

Richard Hatter

Richard Hatter, "Voyeur"


Edward Coppola, "It's Hard Work" (detail)
2005, Mixed-media lighted diorama

Diana Schmertz

Diana Schmertz

Robert Herman

Robert Herman, "Reach, reach not"
2005 digital"C" print 30" H x 8" W


“Until the missing story of ourselves is told, nothing but told can suffi ce us . . . we shall go on quietly craving it .” – Clayton Eshleman

WELLNESS & TRANSFORMATION presents exhibitions featuring art work which examines living nature, and contributes creative explorations into its healing and restorative process. SECRET AFFINITIES will inquire into the artistic function in society relative to the mechanisms at issue in the confl ict between acceptance and alienation: affi rming the social expectations of the cultural and self-estranged ‘others’ in our midst.

Visual and poetical witness requires a dynamic encounter with the human perspective of ‘otherness’ – coming face to face with the fears and frustrations which lay hidden beneath the masks of vulnerable and unfamiliar identities – the dissenters, the outsiders, the outlandish, the isolated and often marginalized ‘others’ who live ‘temporary lives’, often forbidden, and irrelative to the norm. SECRET AFFINITES appreciates the willingness of its artists and poets to reveal the secrets of their deeper selves as essential to the creative and spiritual insight they will evoke, and recognizes, however emotionally textured and confrontational, that these disclosures will increase our ability to be more at ease in the world.

James Pinney, Curator