* Victor Kozlov * Inna Linov * Mark Polyakov *
* Aleksander Pushkin * Ilya Shenker * Leonid Yakovlev *

June 11 – July 3, 2005

SATURDAY JUNE 11 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM


MONDAYS - 5:00 - 8:00 PM

This exhibition is partly supported by New York State Council on
the Art and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs


Alexander Pushkin

Aleksander Pushkin, "Photo 2"

Mark Polyakov-Photo and compu art #2

Mark Polyakov, "Photo and compu art #2"

Ilya Shenker-Tribute to Vermeer

Ilya Shenker, "Tribute to Vermeer"

Inna Linov

Inna Linov, "Fisherwoman"


The current exhibition poses the challenge of showing the viewer successful a conglomeration of new technological arts (photography, computer designs, painting and graphic design) blended with older, commonly accepted forms of visual art. New forms of visual art are conquering a greater and greater span of audiences and are attracting artists from all genres, from classical to postmodernist.

Today, it is possible to discuss the emergence of a new force, unifying all artistic genres. We call this exhibit “Crossroads,” because we want to show this merge of these varying forms of art and the artists from whom they originate.

Each in his or her own way interprets a new life into the artistic sphere. Artist Marc Polyakov is a virtuoso, blending his mastery of computer design with the art of photography and classical graphic art. The results are masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Artist Inna Linov creates new worlds, mixing fantasy with reality, tragedy with irony, historical reminiscences with realistic elements and myths. Inna’s work produces an emotional impact on the viewer. She visually personifies romantic melancholy and lyrical poetry. Her work is full of romanticism and mysticism.

Victor Kozlov - an artist of a different creative temperament. He is drawn to surreal fantasy blended with realist scenery. The artwork comes to life with the help of realism, computer composition, and with the use of photographic motives.

Artists Pushkin and Yakovlev are moved by photography mixed with awe for American architecture, especially that of New York.

Aleksander Pushkin found delight while photographing old, dilapidated piers and bridges. In the midst of this artful decay is nature, swimming fish and ducks. Pushkin’s work is touched with a poetic feeling of the surrounding world, which found its reflection in his highly artistic pieces. Leonid Yakovlev is also a minstrel of old as well as new architecture of New York, as well as of other cities throughout America. His world view is very different from that of Pushkin. It best characterizes, to the future viewers of this exhibit, the high quality of artistic nature of photography, which displays imaginative feeling of the artist often much more than as a painting can.

The artist Ilya Shenker honors in several of his works the memory of the masters of the past, specifically, the artist Vermer. His work is a composition, which combines fragments of various work of that well known artist.

We hope that this exhibit will attract the attention of people interested in real, deep, emotional impact of art on the viewer, regardless of the technology used to bring it to life. We believe that this exhibit will pave the way for artists of the future.