Experiencing Truth and Beauty through Art

MARCH 6 – 28, 2004


Linda Smith

Linda Smith, "Courage"
Glazed terracotta, 16.25"h. x 21"w. x 16"d.

Sam Jungkurth

Sam Jungkurth, "Geometric Variation"
Acrylic and lanyard on canvas, 54" x 144", detail

Linda Smith

Linda Smith, "Metamorphosis"
Terracotta with patina, 22.5"H x 25"w. x 16.5"d

Sam Jungkurth

– Sam Jungkurth, "Linear Abstraction #2"
Acrylic and lanyard, 54" x 168", detail


PAINTINGS BY Sam Jungkurth
Basic euclidean space, replete with surface, points, lines and angles, launches the departure for the aesthetics in Sam Jungkurth's geometrical abstract work.

Painterly bursts of creative energy define vast spaces by deploring dizzying webs of linear rigor, tautly braced with lanyard lacing. Bold and passionate in the love of form and balance, Mr. Jungkurth's pieces pulsate with a vocabulary of spiritual resonance and timeless drama.

These multi-paneled works are imbued with choreographic nuance creating the impression of a colorful dance of precious gems — luminous, intricate and precise in symmetry. Patience rules the working, for nothing is left unresolved here, the tension of rational vitality is singular and accomplished; Mr. Jungkurth will not abide the rule of chaos while revealing to us the 'royal road' of geometrical beauty in works which please the eye as they reward the mind.

Linda Smith's sculptures are portraitures in clay — powerful, emotive works which betray a masterful technique, blending traditional form with a contemporary twist. Living Nature has inspired these pieces, giving face to human feelings, ranging from blissful ecstasy and sardonic grimace, to searing sorrow and the resignation to spiritual resolution.

"My work comes from living — trying to make sense out of living, striving to come to terms with eternal truths, the possibilities of things felt but unseen."

Plumbing the depths of life-experience, Ms. Smith distills and transforms the raw matter of the human psyche, and through the crucible of the sculptural process, creates manifestations in the transmutation of human character, revealing the mysterious truths of the aesthetic heart.

James Pinney, Curator

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