The 3rd Annual Invitational Exhibition
33 Artists Pay homage to their Personal Muses

DECEMBER 4, 2004 - JANUARY 2, 2005
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 4:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Sarah Barker * Marcia Bernstein * Bruce C. Boyd * Ursula Clark * Chad E. Collins * Mary Creede * Cristobal Dam * Robin Dann * Linda Gilbert-Schneider * Whitney Hamilton * Richard W. Hatter * Melanie Jelacic * John Jerard * Stefan Keneas * Fran Kornfeld * Miranda Lloyd * Aimee Mac Cormac * Patrick May * Seren Morey * Bill Nogosek * Mark Planisek * Carmen J. Porfido * Jorge Posada * Renee B. Radenberg * Luis A. Rojas * Farah Salehi * Larry Scaturro * Peggy Sprung * Catherine Tafur * Adam Taye * Marsha Trattner * Jenny Walty * Marcia Widenor


Richard W. HatterRichard W. Hatter, "Sacred Heart"
11" x 14" Acrylic/Ink on Paper


"ABUNDANT OFFERINGS", a group show of small works by over 30 artists with working studios in the greater New York metropolitan area, is concurrent with, and complements the exhibit, "SENSUOUS ABUNDANCE: Exploring the Myth & Mystique of the Eternal Feminine". All artists and poets recognize that the language of art requires more than a vocabulary of learned skills, but a particular calling, and the gift, in a manner of speaking, of the Muse. These artists acknowledge the Eternal Feminine as this guiding spirit, nurturing the poetic power and aesthetic virtuosity which is the gist of their workings. In gratitude for Her generous offerings, these artists will exhibit work whcih pays homage to that elusive source of their personal creative collaborations, and in the spirit of the Holidays all works will be priced under 1,000.00.

James Pinney, Curator