Breakthrough as Process & Art:
Creative Projects of Persistent Preoccupation

June 5th - 27th, 20043

The public is invited to an opening reception with the artists:
SATURDAY, JUNE 5th, from 4:00 - 7:00 PM

Kathleen Vance

Kathleen Vance, "Intertwing Tendrils"
12'x6'x33' Sticks, branches, and twine.

Richard W. Hatter

Richard W. Hatter "BioBloom" 22" x30", acrylic/ink on paper

Larry Schulte

Larry Schulte, "Orange Flag" 54"x60", woven painted paper

Tracy Phillips

Tracy Phillips, "Bloodletting"
40" x 30", Oil on canvas, 2004

Susan Roma

Susan Roma, "Paper Vessels: Series II"


Jonathan Allen - Sarah Barker - Olivia Beens - Ursula Clark - Chad E.. Collins - Eric Edelman -  Robin Gaynes-Bachman - Edward M. Giordano, Jr.,  Kay Gordon - Richard W. Hatter - Jan Hoogenboom- Lawrence Hoysic - Sam Jungkurth - Estelle Levy - Artem Mirolevich - Trey Moore - Seren Morey- Atsushi Ohashi - Duane Paul - Patricia Peticolas - Tracy Phillips - Susan Roma - Robin Ross - Larry Scaturro - Larry Schulte - Edwin Serrano - Igor F. Solis - Marc Sylvester - Kathleen Vance - Jenny Walty

" Intertwining Tendrils"
Nature: Structure and Transformation
A Sculptural Installation by Kathleen Vance

The artistic process is an arduous method of creative transformation — from the fermentation of an idea to the birth of the genuine work. To achieve this it is required of the artist to maintain an equilibrium between the rational control of deliberately executed activity, and the instinctive spontaneity of intuitive freedom. For the artist, this process is his Raison d'être, for it confirms the gravity and centrality of art in his life.

At the core of each artist's life there is a private place where the artist is alone with a wordless dialogue. This private place is the uterus of the artistic 'breakthrough' in which all the liminal ideas and themes of the artist's singular obsessions are concealed and nurtured, never open to general scrutiny. Art is the materialization of these thoughts, and whatever the vocabulary of means, the breakthrough must emerge from its silent  embodiment as an object of public gaze. SINGULAR OBSESSIONS is an exhibition which will celebrate and examine the imagery and themes of each artists' personal introspection's, and convey to public view the persistent inner designs, and abstrusive but cherished pre-occupations of these imaginative and irresistible manifestations.
   James Pinney, Curator

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