Exploring the Mystique of the Eternal Feminine

DECEMBER 4, 2004 - JANUARY 2, 2005
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 4:00 to 7:00 P.M.

Diana Schmertz

Diana Schmertz, "Gwenn."
August 2004, oil on canvas, 6x4 feet

Janet Morgan

Janet Morgan, "Floating Kwan Yin (Goddess of Compassion)"
96" tall by 90" wide, acrylic on muslin, 2004

Robin Gaynes-Bachman

Robin Gaynes-Bachman, "Saraswati"
2003, 69 1/2" x 52, Oil on Canvas

Anki King

Anki King,"Not Given"
78' x 42" Hybrid Media on Canvas

Alejandra Villasmil,

Alejandra Villasmil, "Fantasy Landscape (#1)"
2004 Watercolor, ink, pencil and Escorts ads on paper 50 x 38 inches

Patricia Cazorla

Patricia Cazorla, "One Moment..."
2003 oil on canvas 70" x 50"


" The Oldest of the Old follows us in our thinking, yet it comes to meet us..."
--Martin Heidegger

Kim Bach * C Bangs * Anna B. Bogatin * Patricia Cazorla * Robin Gaynes-Bachman * Anki King * Sári Menna * Janet Morgan * Diana Schmertz * Katherine Stecko * Alejandra Villasmil

There resides at the innermost of every poet and artist an exigency to reverence the forms of feminine graciousness. From the dawn of time mankind has acknowledged and worshipped the Eternal Feminine as the spiritual underpinning of the world's most profound mysteries: Creation & Birth, Gathering & Sheltering, Death & Renewal -- Earth Mother, Warrior Goddess, Divine Bride, The Queen of the Universe -- countless appellatives for an ineffable deity more ancient than religion itself...

SENSUOUS ABUNDANCE addresses the elusive mystique of the feminine image through the contemporary renderings of 11 women artists. Acknowledging the quiet promptings of the Muse as central to their creative self-exploration, and ever sensitive to the intimate intermingling of history and immediacy, these artists honor the Eternal Feminine. In imagery expressive of the free life of the imagination, and in rapt appreciation for its sensory adventure, these portraitures evoke through vital, passionate language and symbolic revelations, a plentitude of feminine modes in full-bodied character: anguishing sorrow, exhilerating joy, sultry sensuousness, unpitying wrath, and the enigmatic smile of abiding desideration.

Re-evaluating the image of 'woman' is imperative in these times of renewed paternalism, when the identity and esteem of gender is once again the target of routine degradation by parochial political structures. SENSUOUS ABUNDANCE recognizes the feminine prerogative at the core of the artistic process, for women are sentient to the relationship between Nature and the destinies of Her subjects, and as artists and poets they are aware of their special stewardship in Her creation -- privy to that unconcealment of Her essential being, women alone define the sensuous abundance of the world.

James Pinney, Curator