8th Annual Williamsburg Salon - Part 1

(Part 2 in January 2005)

Organized by Carol Quint, Assisted by Mary Westring

Nov.13 – Nov. 28, 2004
Reception Sat. Nov. 13th 4-7 P.M.

Jeff Hoppa"Barnum Brown I".


Cheryl Safren “Nucleosynthesis 2"


James Saunders "The Park"


Mary Westring "My Neighbor's Laundry, Towels and Socks"


Matt Turov “Big Fish”


Joel Simpson “Kaya Leaf”


Carol Quint, "Portrait of the Artist as a Carnivore: I"

The Williamsburg Salon, art club members of the WAH Center, has grown over the years and is comprised of many outstanding artists. The show is eclectic which gives visitors a wide sampling of diverse styles and ideas from this internationally renowned art community. This year, because we are building a fire escape on the back wall of our building, we cannot use the second floor gallery. Therefore the Salon exhibit will be on the first floor. Also, because of the size of the show and space constraints, the Salon has been divided into two parts. This is the first part of the show, and second part takes place in January.

Aaron Auslender, Stephen Auslender, Breyl Brenner, Richard Buckler, Carla Cubit, Val Dyshlov, Marcia Godosky, Halona Hilbertz, Jeff Hoppa, Mark Koval, Estelle Levy, Liz-N-Val, Antoinette Maclaclhan, Jacek Maczynski, Kazumi Nakane, Patricia Peticolas, Jennifer Primosch, Carol Quint, Lana Rayberg, Cheryl Safren, James Saunders, Larry Scaturro, Joel Simpson, Matt Turov, Margaret Watts, Mary Westring

Plus a live installation by
Sanae Maeda & Noriko Wako:


Some day, you might see a ten-nyo,
the enchanting maiden from Heaven,
who likes to come down to Earth,
in her heavenly dress, the Ha-Go-Ro-Mo,
to gently, touch, with her beautiful dance,
the peoples' minds,
and to sweep away, with her robe,
all their worry, their unhappiness and pain,
and then you can see her as she flies away,
leaving only happiness behind,
and goes back, where she came from,
that is somewhere, behind the rainbow.

In these photos a performer put my drawings that used Sumi ink on rice paper on her body. — Noriko Wako