Breakthrough as Process and Art:
Exploring Concealment & Pretense in the Human Psyche

NEW DATES: October 16 – November 7, 2004

Saturday - October 16th
4:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Music will be provided by Cellist, John Blue

James Pinney - Curator

" We know what we are, but know not what we may be."
-  William Shakespeare

Jonathan S. Allen - Irene Christensen - Edward Coppola
Eric Edelman - Edward M. Giordano, Jr. - Sam Jungkurth
Tracy Phillips - Jorge Posada - Catherine Tafur - Jeramy Turner

Irene Christensen

Irene Christensen, "Mindscape of the Night"
36 " X 48" ; Oil / canvas

Edward Coppola

Edward Coppola, "A Procedural Advantage"
2003; Collage and gouache


Sam JungkurthSam Jungkurth, "Splitting Faces # 4"
14"w. x 16"h. x 9"d, terracotta with patina


Tracy Phillips, "She had fond memories of those happy mushrooms in 76"
Oil on Linen; 44 x 56


The artistic process is intrinsic to the infrastructure of the human psyche. From time to time, an artist achieves a creative breakthrough which disrupts the ground of positive knowledge, revealing a fissure between the conscious and the unconcious worlds, The visible and the invisible, the mundane and the transcendent. PSYCHOLOGICAL ARCHAEOLOGY exposes such breakthrough art — richly processed work which excavates the ancient realms of the subjective mind, exploring uncommon perspectives of the human psychological experience, disclosing to open view the fragmented archaeology of the cultural present.

In a volatile world, it is important for the arts to respond to the impalpable dynamics hidden underneath our civilized fabric. Festering there are truths about the passions which haunt, motivate, and can ultimately define us. It is the vocation of artists ( and poets) to bravely substantiate and lend existence to this visceral underside of the human masquerade, uncovering the layers of the most disturbing, yet appealing manifestations.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ARCHAEOLOGY exhibits work which has its genesis in highly personal introspections on the affectations of social behavior, spiritual duplicity, and the travails of mental affliction. Treading that perilous terrain, this art will have examined and broken through those external appearances triggered by conflicting internalizations: aggression and submission, acceptance and alienation, obedience and rebellion, survival and disolution - and will convey to public gaze fleeting glimpses of the dark secrets of the soul.

James Pinney - Curator