Exploring Wellness and Transformation

March 6th - 28th, 2004


James Cuebas

James Cuebas, "Angel, Noches Tropical," 2001 Black/white solarized digital print. 7.5in.x7.5 in.

Miguel Tió

Miguel Tió, "Self Portrait"
Oil on canvas, 40" x 30", 2002


"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of (the) overcoming of it."– Helen Keller

Curated again by James Pinney, this year's 'Bridging Art & Ability' exhibition will feature work which examines the contribution of creative explorations in the implementation of the healing and restorative process.

Most artists know the creative process offers refuge in a world often torn by physical, psychological, and behavioral suffering; many have discovered it also offers a therapeutic tool, providing a  means of expressive communication and healing through transformation.

James Cuebas – Peter Harvey – Paula R. Isaac – June Lark – Thomas Schneider – Gail Shamchenko - Miguel Tió - Robert J. Weiss

WELLNESS AND TRANSFORMATION has required these eight artist to take a perceptive and empathetic focus on the needs, challenges and histories at issues in the struggle with the infirmities, diseases, disabilities, or traumas that touch and transfigure our lives. Through the distillation of this creative effort, these afflictions can be transformed into santifications of survival and recovery — enlightened insights which, through the viewing, will energize and empower our living natures and enrich the vistas of the societal experience.

The secret affinity between Truth and Light comes to fruition in these 'explorations of creative wellness and transformation,' confronting the eye with imagery which can be disturbing and provocative, but providing the necessary catharsis that opens a dialogue of comfort and resolution for the troubled spirit.

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