"Fidem Fati Virtue Sequemur"
With courage follow the promise of Destiny!

Brave Destiny

The Royal WAH Theatre & EMIAJ Movement Ltd.


A New Musical Pageant Created by Peter Dizozza
for Williamsburg's Brave Destiny Exhibition

October 10, 11 & 17, 18: Friday & Saturday, 8:00PM

A surrealist theatre fantasy celebrating everyday life while paying homage to its poetic mysteries. Concept, script and score by Peter Dizozza (Director of the Royal WAH Theatre and author of The Golf Wars, The Last Dodo, The Eleventh Hour & Prepare to Meet Your Maker), with original choreography by Jamie McKenna (winner of the 2003 Outstanding Choreography Award at the New York Dance Festival) performed by EMIAJ MOVEMENT LTD. Company Dancers. Created for the 2003 Brave Destiny Exhibition (an international exhibition of surrealist art) and inspired by "Les mariés de la Tour Eiffel," the surrealist ballet with dialogue by the French Poet/Filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

CAST: Lauren Amick (The Bride), Joseph Mulholland (The Groom), Kate Murphy (Colossa), Peter Dizozza (Colossus) & Peter Douglas (Vulcan). DANCERS: Alison Deruga, Eden Drasser, Shea Drasser, Theresa A. Jesinger, Erin Judd, Kimberly Kwasna, Elyse Madsen, Jeanne Marie Petruzzi & Mark Petruzzi.

EMIAJ Movement Ltd. Executive Producer: Barbara M. Weltsek, Esq.

Admission $15. Reservations: (718) 486-7372.
14th St. L train one stop into Brooklyn to Bedford Ave. Walk South and under the Williamsburg Bridge on the corner of Bedford Ave. and Broadway to the landmark Kings County Savings Bank Building at 135 Broadway.

Opening press night Friday, October 10. Reception to follow.

* * *

Contact: Michael Martinez, Publicist
(212) 712-7362
or email ibmwesq@aol.com

Sponsored by the Society for Art of the Imagination. Made possible in part by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Independence Community Foundation and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz

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