Jan.11- Feb. 2, 2003

Reception: Sat. Jan. 11th 4-6 p.M.

6th Annual WILLIAMSBURG SALON 2003 Group Show


MD Hannibul Alam (Tipu), Daniel Borlandelli, Orin Buck, Natty Bumpercar, Allan Burnstein, Lincoln C. Capla, Jason Coughlin, Babita Das, Chris Dunne, Emma-Louise (Madame Dollhaus), Bethany Fancher, Rita Finnegan, Milton Fletcher, Jennifer Formica, Christine Frieb, Dorcas Gelabert, Monika Goetz, Halona Hilbertz, Virginia Hoge, Jeffrey Hoppa, Takamune Ishiguro, Sue Karnet, Shojio Kato, Sung Soo Kim, Maho Kino, Pari Khan, Arthur P. Kirmss, Sei Koike, Mark Koval, Arthur Kvarnstrom, Sarah Laveck, Danny Licul, Julius Ludavicius, Monika Majewska, Ernest Marciano, Mitchell Marco, Lynne Marie, Wayne B. Meiggs, Anwar Montasir, Satoru Mori, Koji Moriya, Kouji Ochiai, Rusel Parish, Michael Peck, John Marc Peckham, Doreen Perrine, Slava Polishchuk, Milena Popov, Jennifer Primosch, Carol Quint, Lee Ruelle, Cheryl Safren, Rahul Saggar, D. Santo, James Saunders, Tom Schneider, Jaswant Singh, Gregory J. Singletary, Gary Spradling, Debra Steckler, Jami Taback, Hitoshi Tsuda, Eric Weil, Mary Westring, Marcia Widenor, Shigeru Yamada, Phyllis Yampolsky

Yupin Pramotepipop

Yupin Pramotepipop


Dana Parlier


Works by Dana Parlier (sculpture)
and Yupin Pramotepipop (painting, drawing, prints and sculpture)

Classically trained master artist Dana Parlier is one of a dwindling number of artists in New York City who has learned how to make life size clay sculptures from a live model. He earned his BFA from the Virginia Commonwealth University where he learned welding, bronze casting, wood shop tools, use of plaster, mixed media, installation art, and went through a heavy group critique system. Parlier earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts where he was exposed to the NYC art world. Among works on display is his "A Theme of Balance" which speaks to such admirable human attributes as ability, training, discipline, concentration, balance and a striving for excellence and self improvement. Parlier currently teaches figurative clay and welding classes at the Educational Alliance Art School in New York.

Yupin Pramotepipop was born in Thailand where she studied administration and advertising. Because of a growing interest in art she came to New York to study at the Art students League. Her work demonstrates a superlative mastery of light and technique. Her figurative paintings show an understanding of pigmentation and dimension which few artists in New York can master today. Yupin has received many awards and commissions, and has exhibited extensively.

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